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 Daemons; Origins

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All Daemons hail originally from a desert known as The Badlands, unless born outside of it in another land. Though, this is extremely uncommon, as it's common knowledge that it's a very rare occurrence for a Daemon to leave their home-land. The Badlands are relatively desolate, save for one single large city. It's climate is entirely desert, though the atmosphere itself produces small dew glands that evaporate which can be harvested by moisture farmers on the planet's surface. Life outside of The City is not sustainable for anything other than the creatures who dwell out within the sands.

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The City

The City is what the Daemons refer to as their home. With large walls and vast structures, this city is the ideal place to be should one venture into The Badlands. In our current age, it is the only inhabitable place in The Badlands as it was founded around a very large oasis. This oasis is located in the center of the Palace District. There are six districts in The City.

District I: The Slums

The Slums are where many will encounter Curs and Scamps. It is easily the poorest district in the entire settlement, but one of the most populated. Commerce is rarely done here, and many shady dealing occur after dark.

District II: The Bazaar

This district is where the majority of commerce is handled. Few inhabit the area, as the entire district is one large plaza with thousands of merchant stalls housed within. The Crucible arena and the Assassin's Guild are also located in this district. Nothing is considered 'illegal' for Daemons to sell.

District III: Falcon-Wing Square

The third district is the only district of the city where outsiders are allowed to live. It's nicer than The Slums but it pales compared to High Town and the Ruler's District. Here, one would find foreign traders and taverns that house travelers and outsiders.

District IV: High-Town

High-Town is where the Worker caste lives. It's an upper-middle-class sort of ordeal in terms of food-chain placement. One of the nicer districts in the city, it offers a wide variety of different housing lodgements, but is good for little else other than housing the Workers and looking nice.

District V: Ruler's District

This particular district would essentially be the 'Bourgeois' district of the city. Ruling-Caste aristocrats and other high-society folk find themselves living here. This district is the only district that may house outsiders of high stature, such as a Monarch or a Grand Wizard who are not native to The City.

District VI: The Palace District

The Palace District is a district reserved for the King of Daemons and his immediate family. The sole inhabitants of this district are the aforementioned family as well as the Royal Protectors. Servants are also admitted to the district. One may not enter this district without a Royal Summons, being on official business, or unless one frequents the King on a regular basis.

The Shifting Sands

The Shifting Sands is what Daemons refer to as 'the rest of the province' outside of The City, as it's all simply sand dunes and rock outcroppings, caves and other dangerous areas. The Shifting Sands are incapable of supporting humanoid life for more than a few days.

The walls of The City are what keep the dangers outside from getting in. Moisture farmers will draw moisture from the atmosphere through small facilities built out in the middle of the deserts. The farmers aren't able to stay more than a couple of days without having to trip back to The City to recuperate. The sandstorms and wildlife outside are extremely hazardous.

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The Wildlife

Mercaders; Volatile, unpredictable pack hunters that are as liable to simply watch someone as they are to eat them. There are no visible patterns to their hunting, they simply do as they please and will attack whoever they'd like. They can be noticed fairly easily as they're distinguishable from other creatures. They have four legs, a claw-like beak, and are often seen in packs of at least four, to sometimes fifty. They live underground and burrow themselves during sandstorms to prevent themselves from being taken by the strong winds. They may attack without provocation of any sorts.

Gandlings/Sand Crawlers; Shellbugs of various sizes with spider-like mandibles. The Gandlings are a hive-mind style of insect. They have eighteen legs, nine of each side of their both. Their blood is acidic and they're extremely territorial. They'll attack those near their hive, or in a hunting ground. If you're not within proximity of either, a Gandling will leave you alone. They're about the size of a bloodhound dog. In some cases, hives may go on for miles underground.

Viromes; Snakelike creatures with legs/mandibles like a centipede. They're approximately nine feet in length on average, and extremely hostile to all sentients. They're not only poisonous, but they're extremely agile. They can burrow underground, and come up beneath a victim. They're extremely feared predators by Daemons and Humans alike.

Argenus Pathogeni(WHAT!'s); There are multiple evolutionary forms to these particular creatures.

The first form is a small larva about the size of a human foot. They're virtually harmless, save for their acidic blood.

The second tier is similar to Gandlings, though they have some differences. APs (Argenus Pathgeni) are spiders with a hard shell on their exoskeleton. They're approximately four feet tall on all fours and have three pincers. They're notorious for draining their victims of blood before consuming them. Due to feeding off of blood, these particular APs do not have acidic blood, as the nutrients from other beings' blood produces a hormone in theirs, that turns their blood into a neutral substance. They have small wings under their shell. It can lift up, and allow them to leap great distances, but not entirely fly.

The third form is large three-legged hard-shelled creatures. They often use slamming attacks on their victims until they're incapacitated, before simply devouring them. These are often called 'Guardians', as they reside solely near Hives.

The fourth tier is a very large creature, roughly the size of a two bedroom flat. They devour their victims whole, and shoot large plasma balls from a shaft on their back. These creatures have extreme resistance to most physical attacks, leaving them as one of the deadliest beings in the province.

Last but not least, the fifth tier on the evolutionary scale is grandiose, to say the least. Each and every one of these bugs are approximately the size of a small airship. They exhale molten magma from their mouths, simply disintegrating anything that it touches. It can turn the sand to glass in this process, which is why it's often a -very- good idea to get  out of an area where you may find large patches of glass in the middle of the sand. Their shells are heavy enough to resist even the stongest of magics, meaning you'll often need something incredibly large to defeat one of these mighty beasts.

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Daemons; Origins
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