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 The Morlein Elves: A General Consensus

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The Morlein Elves: A General Consensus Empty
PostSubject: The Morlein Elves: A General Consensus   The Morlein Elves: A General Consensus EmptyFri Apr 10, 2015 2:58 pm

The Morlein Elves: A General Consensus Elves1

The Morlein elves, or 'The Forest Folk' find themselves living a lifestyle that differs to that of the average commoner. These people seek to uncover, inherit and preserve the teachings of old, as well as protect the lands that they live on, located within the Great Woods of Anuther.  They lead nomadic lives, wandering throughout the Great Woods. Their clans date back to the first kingdom, ruled by Seeth of Morhim. The Morlein themselves are their descendants. Many of their tribe leaders are descended from the nobility who governed this kingdom.. The Morlein are considered to be pure-blood elves, and will not fraternize with those outside of their clans.

The Morlein are most certainly familiar with natural remedies and nature magic. Many are bold enough to claim that these forest folk are the most skilled in this particular school, given their physical connection to the elements in which they live within. Because of their potency with nature and all of it's elements, the Morlein are the only folk with adverse knowledge on how to cut through Ironwood.

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The Morlein Elves: A General Consensus
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