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 Mankind - An Overview

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Mankind - An Overview Temple_ruins_by_arisuonpaa-d5owr8z

The race of men is defined by their quick wit, their innovation, their adaptability, and their resolve. Throughout history, the race of man has lived upon the world with the intent of thriving. Their highly adaptable physiques and ideologies make them a force to be reckoned with. They are intellectual and sturdy, with natural endurance given to living within a vast world. Mankind is at the same time given to temptation, cruelty, narrow-mindedness, and selfishness.

There are many different cultures among humans in the modern world, and there are countless ways in which they can be spoken of and viewed. Political and social norms change with time and place, traditions at time stay strong or go dormant, much like everything in the world - bound by inheritance.

Mankind has originated in Western Lankhmer, and has largely kept its civilization to the west, though different empires of mankind have started looking to the eastern continent.


Mankind - An Overview RbQL1pJ

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Mankind - An Overview
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