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 Mankind: The Kingdom of Gaudeny

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PostSubject: Mankind: The Kingdom of Gaudeny   Sat May 16, 2015 6:40 pm


Of the great southern kingdoms, those who would emerge into history as barbarians, the kingdom of Gaudeny holds immediate value. With the collapse of Bacharium, ancient wrongs were avenged and new rulers swept the land. For a period of years, ferocious raiders from barbarian kingdoms swept north from Moorland and Fiondarland. In the rise of Mandor, only Fiondarland would be spared.

Containing of a massive forest that spreads out in the face of two powerful rivers, life is abundant in this place. Lumber milling is a prime source of income, and similarly so are the animals found there. Fishing is popular with the various waterways and association with the Glennish islands, and the lords of the land serve the people well. The people are tall and bright of hair, ranging from blondes to reds and certain bright browns. They keep a fair, if nearly pale complexion, and usually have blue or brown eyes.

The god of Gaudeny, and the ancient Fionder peoples, is Ymloch the Ice Titan. He is an Asdean god whom died before the time of man. His corpse is the ice atop every mountain which grows without cease, from which all water in the world comes from. He is seen as a life giver and a major component of the world, and the people of Gaudeny inherit much from their barbarian ways, respecting the life that he gave to the world - living theirs to the fullest. Cowardice, and oppression are the gravest things that a Gaudic man could commit to.


The oldest records of these lands come from Bacharium itself. In the midden of its time, it had largely had to deal with only the southern Mour peoples. They would eventually notice a distinction amongst them, a few that appeared to be mercenaries from another place. Bacharium's maps accounted for some land south of the Mours, but they had not expected the ancient Fiondar peoples until they had ventured south to see for themselves.

Though the accounts do not say these things positively, the accounts of the ancient Bacharian expeditionary force paint a picture of a strong culture well at home in its great forests. Practioners of a profound religion at home in the forest, praising their Asdean gods. They are remarked as being uncivilized, tribal, with dedicated customs.

Such is one of the few pleasant interactions that the Fiondar would have with the north. From then on, raiding would be intended upon both the Mours and the Fiondar both. Political manipulation from Bacharium would also place Londor into an unprovoked assault upon them. Bacharium would heavily place its hold onto the Mour and Fiondar peoples with no remorse.

With the emergence of the Great Southern Army, headed by the forces of Jorricland, the Wulfarth, and the Dolfs - the Fiondar would rise with heart to their liberation. Never forgetting past wrongs inflicted upon them, they would raid northwards with frenzy - seeming almost competitive in their assault upon the weakened and collapsing empire of Bacharium.

Fiondarland would outlast their ancient foe, with the empire's death throes and final collapse. The Fiondar would be notorious raiders and would have numerous war-chiefs establish dominion in lands once handled by the north.

Gaudeny would take time to come from the barbarian kingdom of Fiondarland, pressured between Jorricland and early Mandoria. The latter would form after a count of centuries, with the lands once held by Bacharium largely left for southern pagans to pillage and make their own. Mandoria's rise to power and swift retribution would strike the Fiondar and Mours with considerable force.

The King of Kings, Gaudrnaud, cemented his power in the following glories and allegiances to Londar, he would centralize the nation, bring to bear the rule of law, and establish dominion over all the kings under him. With his reputation and careful action, within his lifetime his nation had gone from a barbarian kingdom, to the realm we know of today as Gaudeny.


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Mankind: The Kingdom of Gaudeny
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