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 Mankind: The Plutocracy of Achea

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PostSubject: Mankind: The Plutocracy of Achea   Mankind:  The Plutocracy of Achea EmptySat May 16, 2015 8:03 pm

Mankind:  The Plutocracy of Achea Eon__city_by_anotherwanderer-d7c7pm4


Achea is a land of storied history. It is formed by the various fragmented nations that have come together to preserve their cultural identity in the modern world. Comprised of mainly three groups, they rule by a means of plutocracy that survives on cultural idealism and patriotism. The nation expresses the ideal of religious freedom and tolerance, and has three state religions, which is divided between its three large governing regions.

Achea was formed after the fall of Bacharium. At the time, Achea were provinces that were kept firmly under the boot of the empire. The rise of Mandor in the coming times would give the oppressed state a chance to shine, as he offered them sovereignty in turn for their support in carving out his empire. The descendants of the ancient state of Aquidoria, his own people, rallied to his defense. Those lost sons of Akkada were convinced to return to their old lands, and in doing so, fought once again. The Ibansalla tribes, who lost their homes in the earliest of times and had lived as gypsies for much of the written world’s time, were also convinced to stand and fight for a home to call their own. This union of three peoples resulted in Mandor’s empire, and also a nation which spanned from the Sea of the Sun to the ancient shores of the Aquidorian Sea.

The Aquidorian state exists where it’s ancient forefather did, in the east on the shores of the sea. The people there are proud and resilient, and value social structure and martial success. The Aquidorians are a trading state of some repute. They sell olives and its products, grapes, wine, minerals, gems, fish from their sea, and fruit. They are less technologically adept than most nations, but not under-developed. They worship their Edean god, Phoseus, whom is god of fire, and sky. Magic is uncommon in their lands, but a cultural niche that their mages occupy are the Skywalkers, whom learn to use and develop the primal forces of air to advantageous use

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The Akkadic state exists in its ancient homelands off of the Sea of the Sun in the west, south of the Badlands. There they exist peacefully, unless provoked; such is how it has long been. They have a staunch love for education and formality, and their culture centers around etiquette and propriety. Their lands are lush plains and rolling hills that transition into sandy deserts.

They are scholarly, and focus much on raw science, philosophy, magical study, and the arts. Technologically they are adept, but do not have an industry to make full use of it. Magic is perhaps unsurprisingly common in Akkad, and its people tend to have a strong affinity with the elements. The most distinguished mages of their culture are the Moon Signs, and their practices orient themselves to controlling the primal force and manifestation of light and darkness..

Their god is Shumahs-Akkad Pat, whom they know as Father Moon Eye, whom is an Edean god. Their religion is largely cyclical, making it similar to the practices of the far distant Morlein elves. They believe that day and night is when Shumahs-Akkad Pat opens and closes his one eye, and that a day will come when he has seen the end of all things and will shed a single tear; this tear will nourish the sprout of the world he planted there when Evil first came, and then Evil will take its final form and consume Father Moon Eye. It is difficult to interpret how, but Evil will be undone and Father Moon Eye will open his eye again when all is new.

Mankind:  The Plutocracy of Achea The_caravan_by_flockenpracht-d4z1rlb

The last state of Achea is Ibanasalla, whose people have endured harshly throughout history. Their oldest stories speak of demons from the east driving them out of their home upon the Great Shining Water, which many people believe this to be the ancient peoples of Stygia. They have become cautious and wary of outsiders, resourceful and practical in all ways. This attitude serves them vastly in the southern stretches of Achea, in the foothills that mark the northern border of Londar.

Once they had earned their own land, they set immediately to work on building a strong infrastructure in production. Never a dull moment in the southernmost of Achea, they have raised cities and established their old cultural ideas alongside the new, seeming to cause social friction every so often. Their god is an Asdean god, a Dead God, and she is known as Fillas. She was regarded as giving her dying dreams to the Ibanasalla in the time of their exodus, and they learned from her the importance of survival. Magic is only slightly uncommon within Ibanasalla, but means of education - in any subject - is underdeveloped. There is no single decided educational paradigm or institution within the state. Mages from this land seem to have a truly varied magical potential.


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Mankind: The Plutocracy of Achea
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