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 Mankind: The Imperial-State of Mandoria

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Mankind:  The Imperial-State of Mandoria Capital_of_azaliera_by_dream_monger-d3enum0


Few powers can boast the might or regal nature as to that of Mandoria, a powerful nation built upon the back of previous empires. The people of Mandoria are believed to inherit regality, charm, and composure from their heritage - stemming from the empire of Bacharium before it. The national religion reveres the Edean god of ancient Bacchus: Bacidicar, the Golden Scale - with particular reverence for Saint Mandor the Great. The magical affinity of those from Mandoria leans towards telekinetic and elemental abilities, with each province attempting to develop its own particular battlemage curriculum. Overall, it appears to be considerably rare in the empire, with particular provinces having certain levels of rarity.

Mandoria is divided between numerous provinces, each ruled over by an August Prontenate, a family whose figurehead is decided by wise counsel within the family. Each province has its lineage largely shaped by its August Prontenate. The Empire of Mandoria is the greatest center of learning and technology for mankind. The Acumenopolis is a city of universities, and a wonder of the world. It leads the research into pneumatics and hydraulics.


To know the full story of the imperial nation of Mandoria, we must first look to the cradle of civilization, thousands of years ago. Four thousand years ago, we know of the Bacchus peoples, and their struggles against the ancient Viditites - wherein they were successful in completely defeating their society and integrating it into their own. This was the accumulation of a long and hard fought feud, wherein the Bacchus attained great power.

These ancient peoples would maintain their place for some time, but eventually strike out further, they would march upon the Absalar people and totally absorb them into their own power. Little would be known of them, save for the victory celebrations of the Bacchus. Under the command of their great military leader, he would centralize the power of the nation and its various families, creating the great empire of Bacharium.

Bacharium would be an empire of a thousand years. Pressing its boundaries and constantly changing the hands of wealth. Great projects were done, great victories were had, harsh seasons could disrupt the economy, failed military attempts could wrack the peoples. It would be the center of the known world and send expeditions throughout the lands. It would seize what it thought it could, and maintain an active presence on all of its frontiers.

The flourishing empire would meet its end at the height of its power. Great and expansive, it pushed further south than ever before, curious to map out the ends of the continent, and subdue the godless heathens that it carried. The plan would backfire, and spur the creation of the Great Southern Army. The zealous barbarians of the south were suddenly given skilled and disciplined command, their warlike tendencies thrown in full upon the Bacharian Empire. Lost battles and harsh seasons almost immediately threw a wrench into the machinations of the empire, facing an imposing threat as serious as it was, they recalled all forces to centralize in the capital province.

Eventually, the empire would fall to nothingness. A great migration of barbarian forces known as The Sundermarch swept the land and its ancient powers. The provinces were rocked and re-established, as petty kingdoms were forged under the names of heathen bloodlines. Cities would attempt to stay true, provinces valiantly holding out against the wild invaders. Eventually however, all but the capital province of the empire would be lost to invasion.

In its turmoil, a new hope was born. In a time with no Emperor, a new son came to foster the empire. A son branched from the royal lines of both Ancient Bacchus and old Aquidoria, two of the proudest kingdoms of antiquity, stood tall. The son of a Field-Marshal, he was learned in war, and served in the reserved elite cavalry. He knew well how to deal, and speak, and bribe, and punish. He would make war between Moorland and Gauderland to reaffirm his position in the land. He would retake city by city, down the holy river, pushing the Moors beyond the mountains. He would contain his border and reaffirm the wealth of Bacharium.

No foe would make his match. He would champion the cause of Achea, and doom the ancient states of Akkada to ruin for it. His son would with prior confidence strike peace with the Council of Aldermen in Londar. He would leave the nation greater than it had ever been, and in gratitude - it would bear his name. Mandoria, the nation of Mandor the Great, seat of Empires, and the golden nation. His lineage reigns to this day.


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Mankind: The Imperial-State of Mandoria
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