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 [Supporting Character] Victor Ross

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PostSubject: [Supporting Character] Victor Ross   [Supporting Character] Victor Ross EmptyMon May 18, 2015 6:29 pm

 Name: Victor Ross
   Gender: Male
   Nationality: Mandorian
   Age: Looks to be in his 60s.
   Birth Sign: Cancer
   Alignment: True Neutral
   Affiliation: Ross Trade Industries

[Supporting Character] Victor Ross Db3ac0230095363e29138f9f2d699cb0
Victor Odysseus Ross*

"I am the rise of a salvation; Not by grace but by our own effort. To change the world for the better, not by some flight of fancy, but because its necessary."

   Height: 5'10''
   Weight: 157 Lbs
   Hair Color: Greying Black
   Eye Color: Blue
   Build: Ectomorphic
   Demeanor: Self-Assured, Cautious
   Education: Formally Educated
   Occupations: Marquis
Common/public knowledge pertaining to Victor;

i. Victor is widowed.
ii. Victor has two children.
iii. Everyone in the area would be familiar with Ross Trading Industries.
iv. Those who may know a few shadier folks may have heard about his ruthless reputation behind closed doors.
v. Being the Marquis, Victor is considered to be the head-of-state of the region.

[Supporting Character] Victor Ross 3-way-golden-rule_o_GIFSoupcom
[Supporting Character] Victor Ross 1972b2df2031329aee0e68510d695d70
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[Supporting Character] Victor Ross
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