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 The Nuzeeri

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The Nuzeeri (Noo-Zee-Ree)

The Nuzeeri are a peaceful race of reptilian humanoids that resides in the river systems of Eastern Lankhmer. Their skin is very smooth, being revealed along the belly and groin. The rest of their body is covered in plate-like scales. The hardness of the scales, along with a red and yellow coloring rather than green, symbolizes the fortitude and sexual potency of the individual.  Their society is made up of a number of small tribes, each member being kin to the others in their tribe. Following their beliefs in harmony and unanimous thinking, the Nuzeeri hold no leadership nor do they compete for land or mating rights. The origins of the Nuzeeri are widely unknown even to most tribes. The western scholars that study them believe their existence to have come almost spontaneously, as if a result of a recent event. Some believe perhaps it was magic that brought sentience to a once simpler race of reptile.

The Nuzeeri aren't known for any major magical event. Though it is said that tribes carry shamans and those that practice spiritual magic and ritual.

Sha, and the cycle of life

The Nuzeeri believe in an all-involved force called ‘Sha’ Or Life, as it would be loosely translated. They hold the belief that all things share the energy that Sha provides and that the Nuzeeri are responsible for the continuation of life. Stemming from the fatal process of childbirth, the female Nuzeeri believe that Sha requires a sacrifice to continue. They trade one life so that it may multiply into many and thus the life-force of the world grows stronger. When the females reach maturity, the family tribe holds a Sha’kran, Or ‘Ritual of life’. In this, the tribe decides on the most worthy male of the group to mate. That male is then responsible for the next month of feeding and caring for the pregnant female as it only takes a matter of hours after mating for her to become completely immobilized. Over the span of the month, the female will grow weaker as the offspring develop. Eventually, the mother passes on and is buried in a shallow grave. There her body will become the first source of nourishment as the eggs hatch inside of her. After they had consumed the mother, the young emerge to the awaiting tribe. Those deemed strong enough are adopted into the tribe. The rest are cast into the river system to spend what’s generally a short life as a Shar’nok, A Wandering Life.
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The Nuzeeri
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