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 [Legend] Veger, The Fallen Voidwalker

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[Legend] Veger, The Fallen Voidwalker Empty
PostSubject: [Legend] Veger, The Fallen Voidwalker   [Legend] Veger, The Fallen Voidwalker EmptyMon May 18, 2015 9:07 pm

Name: Veger Atzvoten
   Gender: Male
   Nationality: Londarian
   Age: Time of Death; 26
   Birth Sign: Virgo
   Alignment: Lawful Neutral
   Affiliation: The Londarian Order

[Legend] Veger, The Fallen Voidwalker The_pe12
The portrait of what was once, a great man.
Veger Atz*

"Est sularus oth mithas. You'll not take it from me!"
(My honor is my life. You'll not take it from me!)

   Height: 5'11''
   Weight: 265 Lbs
   Hair Color: Dark Brown
   Eye Color: Brown
   Build: Athletic Mesomorph
   Demeanor: Stoic, Jovial
   Education: Unknown
   Prior Occupations: Londarian Kingsguard
Common/public knowledge pertaining to Veger;

i. The man known as Veger Atz is still sung about to this day. He was known as the champion of Londar during the fifth blight of chaos approximately twenty years ago.
ii. Veger is believed to be dead. It's said that he gave his life so that Ava of Londar may fulfill hers.
iii. Many believe that Veger was a partner to Ava.
iv. Veger was at one point a paladin, prior to his joining of the Londarian Kingsguard.
v. Veger's line has no successor.
vi. Veger is the only man to have entered the void and returned.

[Legend] Veger, The Fallen Voidwalker 3-way-golden-rule_o_GIFSoupcom
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[Legend] Veger, The Fallen Voidwalker
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