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 [Human] Azar'jahan Fereydoun: Son of the Moon

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PostSubject: [Human] Azar'jahan Fereydoun: Son of the Moon   [Human] Azar'jahan Fereydoun: Son of the Moon EmptyTue May 19, 2015 10:25 pm

Azar'jahan Fereydoun

Quote :
Listen in highest quality.

“Open your eyes to what cannot be seen.”

Character Biography

Quote :
[Human] Azar'jahan Fereydoun: Son of the Moon Sorcerer_by_NadrojWobrek

Name:  Azar'jahan Fereydoun
Age: Twenty Three
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Nationality: Achean, of the Akkadic State
Occupation: Moonsign

Skin Tone: Dusky complexion
Eye Color:  Blue.
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5'8
Build: Lean, healthy.


  • Acrobatics - "Cities always so bustling, hard to get away or find any peace. At times, trying to find the peace is cathartic in its own right."
  • Athletics - "All the world is moving and changing, the best course of all action is to move and change with it."
  • Observant - "Half of what you perceive is what you remember, the other half of what you perceive is knowing where to look."
  • Magical Affinity - "The secret paths of light flow through me, and as such I bear the Moonsign."


  • Unexperienced in Combat - "My parents paid for a sparring instructor. Those careful lessons are the closest thing I've ever had to a true fight."
  • Uncompromising -"Why must this arrogance go on? The stars do not cycle about your enlarged head!"
  • Gullible -"I long for the simpler days when I was just a villager and had many friends. Now it seems those who wish me well really wish me wrong."
  • Untravelled -"Why do you keep telling me to look at the ground when we speak, and why do you carry that rod shaped like a man's genitals?"

Magical Ailments:

  • Bodyless [Tier 1]
  • Wizard's Aura [Tier 1]

Quote :
[Human] Azar'jahan Fereydoun: Son of the Moon Reading_is_fun_by_princepssenatus-d7zm7ca

Azar'jahan Fereydoun as a teenager.

Character Physique and Demeanor

Azar'jahan Fereydoun is an individual with a fit, lean form, given for my by his regular activity. His Akkadic features are sharp, slim, dusky and show a mark of elegance. Azar'jahan’s shoulders are noticeably broad however, directing attention and giving a refined, authoritarian look to his charms. Atop Azar'jahan’s head is a head of quite fine black hair done evenly around his head. His facial features stem from a wide, pointed nose and square chin, to flat cheeks, and prominent blue eyes. Facial hair has been meticulously groomed and removed from Azar'jahan's lips, underneath Azar'jahan's chin is usually shaved, but at times left to grow. Azar'jahan’s complexion is an uninterrupted dusky bronze, set in his blood and in his home nation, he has little change in hue throughout his form. Just as well, Azar'jahan is exceptionally clean, always smelling fresh, with shining white teeth, smooth hair, and in good health. His hands and feet show callouses from particular use, but no true scarring exists across Azar'jahan's form.

Quote :
[Human] Azar'jahan Fereydoun: Son of the Moon Spirit_mage_by_evelar-d40hzhu

A popular depiction of Moonsign adepts.

Character Backstory

Azar'jahan the Third, Azar'jahan Fereydoun, was born the son of a Shaikh, a noble who ruled over a tract of land on behalf of the Shah, or Lord. His mother was one of the Shah's many daughters, and introduced him to a long line of succession to the local shah's holdings. None of this was impressed upon Azar'jahan in his life, for his mother was only the third oldest sibling, and Azar'jahan was his father's third son. It would be miraculous for Azar'jahan's oldest brother to attain the lordship, let alone Azar'jahan himself.

Azar'jahan would be raised as a young man should, sent to local elders who taught the youth in the Akkadic State of Achea. He was given literacy, and his parents pressed his studies to help him become a capable and responsible landowner. Azar'jahan would thrive in his studies, learning quickly about many things. Showing promise as a scholar, his parents encouraged him to travel at a young age, and learn from other masters on his seasons away. During these travels, Azar'jahan would travel throughout the Akkadic state, and at times assume the identity of a shepherd.

It would be a fated day when Azar'jahan would meet his master Payam would give him new instruction. Payam was a revered astronomer, but more than that, it was rumored that he was in fact a Moonsign. Few of the Moonsign announce themselves as such, due to the quasi-religious nature of their activities. To be a Moonsign means to work with the hidden paths of light, of all life, and achieve sacred connection to Shumahs-Akkad Pat, Father Moon-Eye.

Payam would never explain what he was, but he would teach Azar'jahan more than the mapping of the stars. He would explain their secret paths, show how mankind may know their hidden light, the life that mortals cannot see. Azar'jahan would come to understand these things, and show promising ability to wield the power of a moonsign. Payam would tutor Azar'jahan for some time longer, and then implore the young man travel to the capitol. Once there, he bade that Azar'jahan find himself in the Temple of Shumahs-Akkad, and bid the masters there take him in.

Though expected to return home, Azar'jahan would be motivated to continue onwards. Reaching the white-walled city of golden domes, the city of Mallam, Azar'jahan would be motivated to reach the high temple. The tallest building in all of the city, its towers raised high into the sky, with a great looking glass peering into the heavens from its central tower. The majesty of the place was overcome by his shock, having passed every trial they set before him with ease - simple in place of what Master Payam had given as instruction. For the time of seven years, Azar'jahan Fereydoun would become devoted to his studious efforts in the way of the Moonsign.

Scholarship of the Moonsign required a strength of mind, body, and spirit. It was a process of experiencing, thinking, and understanding. Travels were often included in the curriculum of that order, this often allowed him to visit new places, or return home, or spend time in the Temple of Shumahs-Akkad. In the first time of twenty-three years, it would be now that the Shah of his heritage would request his presence, to see his grandson rumored to be gifted with the Moonsign.

The meeting would be friendly, courtly, but also secretive. Nothing that was said in the formal meeting of the two would be uttered by anyone whom was present. The meeting would be whispered of muchly, for afterwards, Azar'jahan Fereydoun would set off on an unspoken journey, filled with purpose.


Quality: Poor - Common - Reliable - Potent - Awesome - Epic

Simple Inventory

Quote :
Akkadic Shamshir - Item Type: Weapon
Steel Bazubands and Waistguards - Item Type: Armor
Akkadic Scholar's Vestments - Item Type: Clothing
Brass Moon-Phases Necklace - Item Type: Armor
Simple Dagger - Item Type: Weapon
Travel Pack - Item Type: Tool(s) / and Storage

Advanced Inventory:

Akkadic Shamshir: – A typical Akkadic Shamshir, or scimitar. The sword is straighter than some, but has the iconic curve.


Steel Bazubands and Waistguards: – Reliable steel armor that protects both the forearms and the waist. The forearm is protected from the wrist to the elbow, and the core is protected about the hips.

Akkadic Scholar's Vestments: – Prudent and respectable looking clothes that provide excellent air cooling for the hotter seasons and region of Akkad.

Brass Moon-Phases Necklace – Fashioned of brass, the segments of this fashionable, heavy necklace showcase the various phases of the moon.

Simple Dagger – A basic dagger for utility use, also applicable for combat.


Travel Pack -  A reliable pack of considerable space and compartments, for use in travelling.


[Human] Azar'jahan Fereydoun: Son of the Moon RbQL1pJ

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[Human] Azar'jahan Fereydoun: Son of the Moon
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