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 [Human] Jorrundr Lotharsson: Veteran Warrior

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PostSubject: [Human] Jorrundr Lotharsson: Veteran Warrior   [Human] Jorrundr Lotharsson: Veteran Warrior EmptyThu May 21, 2015 2:44 pm

Jorrundr Lotharsson

Quote :
Listen in highest quality.

“Hark, thee who stand before me! Say your name now, that all the tales and gods may know who stood bravely to die this day.”

Character Biography

Quote :
[Human] Jorrundr Lotharsson: Veteran Warrior Pzo1125_chapter3_honor_viking_web_by_akeiron-d6akw6h

Name:  Jorrundr Lotharsson
Age: Thirty-Three.
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Nationality: Jorren
Occupation: Huskarlar

Skin Tone: Fair complexion
Eye Color:  Green.
Hair Color: Flaxen
Height: 5'11
Build: Strong, hard, broad.


  • Combat Experience - "For over twenty years my skills have been honed in deadly combat."
  • Training and Conditioning - "There are many muscles one must make ready to fight, not just the lungs."
  • Experience - "I have seen two wars, and all the hell they bring. Do not think me some simple fool."
  • Loyalty - "Do not think I will sell my honor for a gold price, begone from my sight."


  • Susceptible to Treachery - "Twisting lies and sophist's guile are cruel things, sharper than any spear."
  • Crass and Unsophisticated -"Gods! You ask for my opinion, then when I tell you that you are fat, you take insult; do not ask then!"
  • Informally Educated -"I could have attended lessons more, but I was more interested in living."
  • Magically Inept -"Not only do I have no potential for spellcraft, but it catches me off guard."

Quote :
[Human] Jorrundr Lotharsson: Veteran Warrior Winterreisse_by_Remton

A standing force of Jerren footsoldiers; the southern kingdoms rumored to produce the best infantrymen of all humankind.

Character Physique and Demeanor

Jorrundr Lotharsson is an individual with an immediately striking physical build. His Jerren features are square and rigid. Jorrundr’s shoulders are broad, carrying thick muscle at the shoulders and about the neck. Atop Jorrundr's head is a surprisingly long head of flaxen blonde hair, quite usually in braids or with his bangs tied behind his head. His facial features stem from a rounded nose and square chin, to flat cheeks, and cool green eyes. Jorrundr's facial hair is quite as extensive as the hair on his head, forked twice and done into braids. The complexion his skin takes is quite fair indeed, a warm undertone of white skin. His torso is backed with steely muscle, drawing the features of a broad chest, stiff waist, and firm back. His arms and legs are thick with muscle, not so much bulging as much as thoroughly toned. Considerably, Jorrundr is rather clean and tidy, shoving the stereotype of undeveloped and uncivilized southerners right off the table. His hands show considerable callouses in all the places synonymous with combat exercise, and a number of scars line his form to support further evidence.

Quote :
[Human] Jorrundr Lotharsson: Veteran Warrior Boru

A considerably younger Jorrundr collecting a bounty on a deserter band leader.

Character Backstory



Quality: Poor - Common - Reliable - Potent - Awesome - Epic

Simple Inventory

Quote :
Jerren Huskarlar Ocular Helmet - Item Type: Armor
Steel Plated Mail Coat w/ Collar - Item Type: Armor
Linen Gambeson, and Arming Cap - Item Type: Armor
Steel Cops, Spaulters, and Half-Gaunts - Item Type: Armor
Jerren  Longaxe - Item Type: Weapon
Jerren  Type-X Sword - Item Type: Weapon
Jerren  Boss-Held Shield - Item Type: Weapon
Jerren  Tabard - Item Type: Clothing
Jerren Seax - Item Type: Weapon
Jerren Clothing - Item Type: Clothing
Travel Pack and Sword Belt - Item Type: Tool(s) / and Storage

Advanced Inventory:

Jerren Huskarlar Ocular Helmet – A magnificent steel helmet with a raised ridge, slatted back, articulated cheek jaws, and a solid nasal piece. All of which protects the cranium, eyes and nose, the cheeks and jaws, the back of the neck, and also uses a mail drape to protect the whole of the neck.

Steel Plated Mail Coat w/ Collar – A formidable coat of sturdy chainmail, with overlapping plates interlocked into the chain in vitapl places. A heavy oiled-leather collar has been fashioned to protect the neck as a gorget would.

Linen Gambeson and Arming Cap: – A thick cloth garment worn underneath the plated mail to provide padding and additional protection. The arming cap provides padding for the helmet, and also keeps hair out of the wearer's face.

Steel Cops, Spaulters, and Half-Gaunts – Solid steel protection for the elbows, knees, shoulders, and wrist.

Jerren  Longaxe – A well-made pole weapon with an axe blade, a hammer bit on the reverse, and a top spike. Developed from a broad bladed axe, it resembles the Halberd of other realms.

Jerren  Type-XI Sword – A 38" sword renowned for its impressive cutting capacity, also given to an ability to thrust.

Jerren  Fighting Axe – A simple axe designed for combat, with a thin blade for hewing people - not trees..

Jerren  Boss-Held Shield – A three-foot diameter shield, slightly domed, held by a center grip which is covered with an iron boss. The iron boss is ribbed at the base to stop weapons sliding down the face of the shield. The shield is made of wood bonded with two layers of linen, and rimmed with metal.

Jerren  Tabard – An ornate, lineart tabard which can be worn about the torso, or draped over the bottom of a chainmail coat.

Jerren Seax – A well-made hewing knife, designed to deliver vicious cuts and chops, minimal stabs.

Jerren Clothing – A set of clothes, including a fur travelling cloak, worn for function over style; particularly suited for colder weather.

Travel Pack and Sword Belt -  A small pack for all the essentials, and a sword belt to maintain your weapons.


[Human] Jorrundr Lotharsson: Veteran Warrior RbQL1pJ

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[Human] Jorrundr Lotharsson: Veteran Warrior
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