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 Primrose Micah

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PostSubject: Primrose Micah   Primrose Micah EmptyThu May 21, 2015 8:01 pm

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Primrose Micah

Quote :
General Information

Nicknames/Aliases: Lady Prim

Age: ** 28 **

Languages: **Common**

Gender: ** ♀ Female ♀ **

Race: ** Human **

** Basic level of education **

Alignment: ** Neutral-Good **

Worships: Shumahs-Akkad Pat, Father Moon-Eye

Persona: ** Calm & Motherly **

Marital Status: ** Unmarried **

Quote :

Height: ** 5'9'' **

Weight: ** 167 lbs **

Build: ** Curvy **

Physique and Demeanor: ** Greying-Brown hair, Strong Build, and Comforting Demeanor  **

Eye Colour: ** Red-brown **

[quote]Skills & Traits:

Quote :
Diplomacy: Her title and calm nature have helped Primrose develop into a natural diplomat.  

"We must place all options on the table before gambling away such morals."

Quote :
Magic: Being a priestess has its ups and downs. One up about Prim's position is that she has minor healing magic. Most minor injuries are healed within a few minutes.

"If you'd listened to me in the first place then you wouldn't have a concussion to begin with. Just hush up and lie back."


Quote :
Alchemy: Lady Prim struggles with the subject despite it being an important part of her job. This has caused a multitude of problems in the past with her peers.

"Was it two nightshade and a parsnip... or seven nightshade and a parsnip?"

Quote :
Privilege: Due to her better upbringing, Prim is a bit ignorant to some cases of street smarts. She is more gullible in a sense; believing men and women alike who obviously lie through their teeth.

"I'm afraid you're going to need more sufficient proof if you wish for me to believe that Sir Williams is truly guilty of such a tasteless crime."

Primrose Micah Tumblr_noltd6u5bA1u3wk8ko1_540
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PostSubject: Re: Primrose Micah   Primrose Micah EmptyTue May 26, 2015 11:13 pm

Yaaay, Shumahs-Akkad Pat worshipers!

I quite like the page, I do. = )


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Primrose Micah
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