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 Secular Schools of Magic

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Secular Schools of Magic Wizard_by_gerezon-d5d1i0h

Jaque-Manne Deville wrote:
"Lost my keys again,
should I get a mage of generatus,
or of the intersticy school?"

- The Noble Faults, a Comedy. Page 45.

Mages often argue that all magic is that, and that all teachings are specific and nondenominational. Some mages argue differently, and scholars are often interested in what these other mages have to say. These mages often, with some possible circumstances of interpretation, say that there are a few secular schools within magic that can be used to define a curriculum of effort or study.

Primal: Sometimes wrongly called the Basic School. Primal magics are the most fundamental of forces, but that does not mean that it is necessarily the most basic of magic. These are magics where forces are applied, to shape or move an object. Telekinesis, alteration, and levitation fall under this school. Before you consider it terribly mundane and basic, consider a mage who learns to use it so deftly that he can open the lock to your villa.

Elemental: Sometimes wrongly called the Second School. Elemental magics are the second most fundamental forces, where the forces are given distinctive properties of certain elemental states. Fire, Wind, Water and Ice and Mist, Wood and Stone and Soil, Light and Dark, Lightning, and Filth are popular elements.

Generatus: Perhaps one of the most controversial fields of study in magic, Generatus is also one of the most useful. Generatus encompasses creation, destruction, and regrowth in all of its different stages. It is in many ways similar to the Primal school, but with a more holistic approach. The objects are not merely forced, stretched, merged into place; they are grown, bonded, and have their makeup accounted for. Healing magics fall into the catagory of Generatus, but - so does Necromancy and Conjuration, and other practices that are more - or less - wholesome.

Intersticy: The study of in between places, a character glance into one of the most hopeful fields of magic. Used for spying over distance, or the construction of magical portals that bend space-time to allow swift transportation - Intersticy is an inherently interesting school of magic. Many courts often look for Intersticers for their magical advisers, looking to gain an edge. They should beware whom they take heed, for Translocation via portals can be very dangerous.

Gnosis: The Forbidden School, the Stygian School, and the Final School are names given to the Gnosis school of magic. Gnosis magic works principally on the mind, crafting illusions, altering perceptions, changing memories, warping minds, developing insanity, and in some cases - just destroying the mind with invasive fashion. Few dare to touch the school, and it is rumored as being one of the hardest to master. Most mages can notice when a gnosis spell is being cast unless it is successfully cast upon them specifically - as a single target. It takes a distinguished master to hide his plain spellcraft from other mages, and make sure it does not go awry.

Gnosis spells are also exclusively dangerous for not only the victim, but the caster. If someone has a will stronger than your own, or whom can dissect your wit, or whom can resist your spellcasting ability - he can potentially devastate you in return without intending to. For, to reach into someone's mind, you open your mind to them. If you act in this way upon a skilled mage, not just a mundane fellow, he could potentially redirect your attempts back unto yourself. A battle between two mages skilled within the Gnosis school is said to be a horrifying battle of the minds, both horrendously violent, grotesque, and deadly.


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Secular Schools of Magic
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