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 [Human] Jack Jaeger

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The Duatin

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PostSubject: [Human] Jack Jaeger   [Human] Jack Jaeger EmptyMon May 25, 2015 6:14 pm

[Human] Jack Jaeger Jaeger10

Jaeger, The Blade From Brandury
"Morality has left me some time ago. Gold, however: It never leaves me."

Quote :
General Information

Given/Family Name: Jack Ellis

Age: ** 43 **

Languages: ** Common **

Gender: ** Male **

Race: ** Human **

** Minimal **

Alignment: ** True-Neutral **

Persona: ** Cocky-Calm Minded **

Marital Status: ** Unmarried **
Quote :

Height: ** 6'2'' **

Weight: ** 190 lbs **

Build: ** Slim **

Physique and Demeanor: ** Messy-Black Hair,Fair Skin,Aged and Rough Complexion, Straight Posture.  **

Eye Colour: ** Dark-Brown **

Quote :
Skills & Traits:

Quote :
Swordsmanship: Jack had spent the majority of the last thirty years earning his meals from his sword. While at times unconventional, his experience in one-handed combat his apparent.

Quote :
Light-Footed: While his slim frame keeps him from physically overpowering most enemies, Jack is able to move with exceptional finesse and speed.

Quote :
Cleverness: A long time in dangerous situations has left Jack with the ability to use his creative mind to manipulate his fights.

Quote :
Quote :
Small Frame: Jack was never much to look at with his physique. While he can carry himself and his weapon, Jack will rarely overpower another in strength.

Quote :
Inappropriate: Jack's in no way a smooth talker. Nor does he care to insult anyone for any reason. For that, he'd never make a good ambassidor. 

Quote :
Uneducated: Jack knows little history. He has no prowess in Engineering or Magical studies. Also.... He can't read any better than a small child.

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PostSubject: Re: [Human] Jack Jaeger   [Human] Jack Jaeger EmptyTue May 26, 2015 11:09 pm

Glad to see you, Sir Bronn of the Blackwater Jack Jaegar!


[Human] Jack Jaeger RbQL1pJ

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[Human] Jack Jaeger
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