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 [The Faceless Men] The Resubas Brothers

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PostSubject: [The Faceless Men] The Resubas Brothers   [The Faceless Men] The Resubas Brothers EmptyMon May 25, 2015 8:44 pm

[The Faceless Men] The Resubas Brothers 0608d91c49f0dc8ea1cf357584c23ae9
720p it

(left to right)
Mordecai, Shen and Bard Resubas
- Edmond Ponduras II, Steward wrote:
"A word of wisdom from an old man. Be wary of the brothers, ye who consider thyself righteous, for what lurks in the Dark is far worse than the many common forms of evil. In the tales of old, they speak of three brothers, that it is They who have quelled the spirit of the Voidwalker himself. They, who drove their blades through his heart."

- The Writings of Veger Atz, Vol II, verse 11-72. wrote:
"Many say that they are fallen knights, ghosts, bad men from a children's tale. These hypotheses are not correct. Behind those masks, there is not simply bone and flesh. During our first duel, I felt it. Manifestations of the void itself, spawns of the Dark, evil incarnate, each encased within a black-steel prison. Upon black horses they rode, a trail of smoke left behind them as they came forth. I drew my blade, though the battle was over before it began. I felt my will crumble and my knees buckle before they even drew arms. I felt my mind begin to drift away before the world turned black. When I woke up, she was by my side. Had the Iron Kingsguard not come, I would have perished."

Those known as the Resubas brothers are often spoken of in old tales and legends from the time of the recent blight war. Some say they are the hands of He who commands the Void, others speak of them as pawns on a chessboard. To many, they are known as the hunters of the righteous. They are three of many faceless men, though their task is unique and disconnected from the rest of their kind. Their origins are known to few and their agenda to even fewer. These men are not your friends. Evil cannot be bargained, or reasoned with. Should they come for you; You do not fight, you do not plead their mercy, you run.

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[The Faceless Men] The Resubas Brothers
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