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 [Supporting Character] Pomodor Baldrick

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PostSubject: [Supporting Character] Pomodor Baldrick   [Supporting Character] Pomodor Baldrick EmptyFri May 29, 2015 3:07 pm

Name: Pomodor Baldrick
   Gender: Male
   Nationality: Mandorian
   Age: 78
   Birth Sign: Capricorn
   Alignment: Neutral Good
   Affiliation: The Order of Insight (Past)

[Supporting Character] Pomodor Baldrick Mage_r11
Pomodor in the flesh.
Pomodor Baldrick*

"Simply an old scholar from the aether, who will one day return to that of which he came."

   Height: 5'11''
   Weight: 175 Lbs
   Hair Color: Greying Brown
   Eye Color: Grey
   Build: Frail, Lith.
   Demeanor: Bitter, Insightful
   Education: Mandorian Institute of Insight
   Prior Occupations: Magicka Teacher
Common/public knowledge pertaining to Pomodor;

i. Little is known about old Pomodor, other than the fact that he owns Pomodor's Emporium
ii. Pomodor seems to be full of wisdom, as he has many stories to tell, and suggestions to give.
iii. Despite being old and frail, Pomodor is still a grandmaster of the primal magics school, and is not someone to be messed with. Many however, do not know of his origins, or the capacity of his power. Those who do know consider him to be an 'modest hero'.
iv. Pomodor has a daughter, which he often finds himself speaking of.

[Supporting Character] Pomodor Baldrick 3-way-golden-rule_o_GIFSoupcom
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[Supporting Character] Pomodor Baldrick
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