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 [Human] Kai

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[Human] Kai I0PJMnDlqRbjF

General Information
Name: Kai
Age: Twenty
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Education: Basic
Languages: Common
Nationality: Sabbaht

A brief look into Kai's past:

Physical Description
A young human man who appears to be in his early to mid-twenties, built lean and sinewy and standing at the fair height of six feet. He carries a head of black hair that is fairly long in length, reaching past and covering his ears and almost reaching his shoulder in length at the back, whilst his fringe hangs loosely over his eyes, covering a fairly broad forehead, often most brushed aside in one direction or another to allow bright gray eyes to glare out from underneath. His eyes themselves are deep-set and accompanied by dark rings that cast his eyes into shadow, whilst low-hanging dark brows rest above. His nose is lightly pointed, resting between and above fairly high-set cheekbones and weather-worn cheeks, which are framed by a defined jawline and sharp chin, a slight dimple distinguishing his chin underneath thin and chapped lips.

Psychological Overview
Kai is a calm, if not meditative individual, not very competent in expressing his desires nor his emotions, especially after years of putting on a mask for his ever-present master. Due to this, it is difficult to read his emotions and tell when he is lying, as well as making him a passable actor when it is required. Despite this, his foremost passion is the heat of battle, and the beat of his heart when his life is on the line. His personality can often take a sharp for the savage and blood-thirsty where adrenaline or a fight is involved, a rather inhumane lack of fear for his life present in such situations, removing much of the hesitation that the common warrior faces. He is also a confident individual, if not overconfident, but never in a deliberately derogatory fashion where an opponent is involved.

He is an uncommonly intelligent and observant individual for an ex-slave, despite his relative lack of an education, his intelligence showing itself in his common sense and his logical view of the world around him. He's quite philosophically-minded, but beyond his ability to read, write and do basic math, his education on most matters is lacking, although he enjoys learning new things where he can, and he speaks in a passably eloquent fashion after living with an elite of Sabbaht society for as long as he has.

Socially, Kai is somewhat inept, but couldn't quite be called entirely antisocial, being a rather humorous individual even in exceptionally morbid situations. He has his own set of principles, but does not view the world by means of 'good and evil', his life as a slave giving him a somewhat grey morality.

Attributes & Skills
Prodigal Swordsman & Mercenary
A talented hand with the blade, Kai fights in a style of his own making, one largely based on using the momentum of his opponents coupled with precise control of his bodies joints and center of balance, emphasizing a strong core and good posture to play with his opponents balance and to make blindingly fast attacks and counter-attacks. He often-most fights with a single sword in hand, but is competent with a shield or a smaller blade in his off-hand as well. Regardless, he's no master, but he dedicates himself to the art of the sword in hopes of one day achieving such a level of competence.

He is competent with most weaponry after years as a mercenary, where you generally took what you got, the foundations of his fighting style applicable with a wide variety of weapons, although mostly bladed ones. Naturally, he excels with his weapon of choice, the longsword, which he holds with both one and two hands as the situation requires.

The Mercenary Way of Life
Kai's lived the life of a mercenary for a few years, so he's quite used to living under the stars, scavenging for food and generally caring for himself in situations where the gods seem to readily shit on him, carrying with him basic tracking and navigation skills and first-aid knowledge for non-lethal wounds.

Indomitable Will
Kai's strength of will has been forged in a life of slavery to a particularly cruel master, there aren't many things that can break him, although certain things from his past haunt him still. This also means he can also occasionally be ungodly stubborn.

Agile & Quick-witted
Kai is not a naturally bulky, or overwhelmingly strong individual, instead favoring his agility and mind, using techniques and the workings of the human body instead of plaintive strength, more so than the average swordsman. This of course means that he is not so hard to overpower in a contest of strength when facing strength-oriented individuals, but at the same time he can often have an advantage by using his natural strengths against them, particularly where inexperienced warriors are concerned.

Leather Armor
A set of dark, worn leather armor worn by Kai over his tunics and pants, consisting of a cuirass with back-padding, leather spaulders that cover his shoulders and biceps, as well as some leather bracers. Going lower, some faulds hang down from his waist to cover his thighs, whilst everything from the knee and below is protected by greaves and some leather boots.

A simple, steel longsword with a plain black grip and crossguard, quite short in length for a weapon of its kind, a little under forty inches long at the blade. It is very cared-for blade, despite obvious signs of use on the grip, sharpened and cleaned to relative perfection.

Dagger & 5x Throwing Knives
Kai keeps a simple iron dagger sheathed at his side nigh-constantly, whilst a number of unpleasant-like throwing knives are strapped to his thighs, hidden under armor as well as kept in his bag.

Messenger Bag of Stuff & A Bunch of Pouches
A dark brown messenger bag that he carries shit around in is usually hanging from his left shoulder by a strap, resting at his waist on his right side. He also carries a number of pouches to hold things in.

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PostSubject: Re: [Human] Kai   [Human] Kai EmptySat May 30, 2015 9:35 pm

I really, really, really like the character. Prodigy is not something I usually roleplay, or encourage others to roleplay - but I'm definitely willing to see how you roleplay this character before calling that out as negative.


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Thanks, I'll try not to disappoint.
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[Human] Kai
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