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 [Human] Tela Aldwulf

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PostSubject: [Human] Tela Aldwulf   [Human] Tela Aldwulf EmptySat May 30, 2015 10:22 pm

[Human] Tela Aldwulf Constatine_the_explorer_by_mattforsyth-d884mgt

Tela Aldwulf

"Tela Aldwulf is the one you asked for, correct? An odd man, that he is, but he's currently out on a task for the Empire. Something about a rare illusion set of caves, I believe he said. I'll tell him that you were here." - Thomas Strongwood, Timhorty Librarian

(360p that shit)

Quote :
General Information

Nicknames/Aliases: Tela Aldwulf

Age: ** 29 **

Languages: ** Common**

Gender: **♂ Male ♂ **

Race: ** Human **

** Home schooled, Actinosus' Elemental School of Magic **

Alignment: ** Neutral-Good **

Persona: ** Adventurous, curious, extrovertive **

Marital Status: ** Unmarried **

Quote :

Height: ** 6'2'' **

Weight: ** 182 lbs **

Build: ** Medium, toned **

Physique and Demeanor: ** Dull brown hair, medium build, broad shouldered, relaxed demeanor **

Eye Colour: ** Shamrock Green **

Quote :
Skills & Traits:

Quote :
Swordsmanship: After being employed with the Empire as one of its sanctioned explorers, and after being  sponsored as well, Tela has received basic swordsmanship from Imperial trainers to ensure he isn't butchered by bands of bandits and rogues while on official business.

"Fight me, you treacherous bear! I have the Empire at my back!"

Quote :
Athletics: Tela, being a state-sanctioned mage and one of its sponsored explorers, is under constant physical stress as he explores the wilds and locations he is sent to. After many explorations and time spent away from the comfortable cities, Tela has developed a strong physical aspect of himself.
"Well, when you've climbed through a series of cave-systems, you find that the bread you ate that morning doesn't tend to stay with you for long."

Quote :
Magic: Being trained at Enedhest, the Capital of the Empire, Tela has quite the in-depth knowledge of elemental magic at his disposal. While he left after he deemed his training sufficient enough to serve the Empire itself and is therefore not an expert, he is still quite an adept at his craft.

"You see, in my line of work, almost all of us must be quite good at what we're talking about, or we may die. We prefer to make sure no one dies, so we all make sure that we're quite good at what we're talking about."

Quote :

Quote :
Alchemy: Though Tela has been to a magical school, he did not study in the art of alchemy. The most thorough extent of his knowledge of alchemy would be guesses off of his current knowledge of magic.

"Fascinating! How did you do that?"

Quote :
Curiosity: Curiosity is what drives man forward and wills him to innovate, but left unchecked as it has been with Tela, it can lead to a man's destruction. Tela has to be constantly reminded to not touch things, combine them together, or try to poke it with a very large stick.

"What would happen... If I were pulse fire over the regenerating pool..."

Tasks & Goals:
-Discover new magical artifacts
-Establish relations with the locals
-Attempt to discover the mystery of the black portal

Magical Ailments
Paleness [Tier 2]
Cold Blood [Tier 1]

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PostSubject: Re: [Human] Tela Aldwulf   [Human] Tela Aldwulf EmptyTue Jun 02, 2015 8:11 am

You have no idea how much I can't wait to meet this character. You have no idea. I have loved talking with you about the character


[Human] Tela Aldwulf RbQL1pJ

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[Human] Tela Aldwulf
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