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 [Human] Taneli Aldwulf

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PostSubject: [Human] Taneli Aldwulf   [Human] Taneli Aldwulf EmptySat May 30, 2015 11:02 pm

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Taneli Aldwulf

"Brother says that he's better at magic than I am, but don't tell him that I said so; mom said I was always better at it."

Quote :
General Information

Nicknames/Aliases: Taneliana Aldwulf

Age: ** 27 **

Languages: ** Common, Dwarvish **

Gender: ** ♀ Female ♀ **

Race: ** Human **

** Home Schooled, Actinosus' Elemental School of Magic **

Alignment: ** Neutral-Good **

Persona: ** Distinctly Eccentric **

Marital Status: ** Unmarried **

Quote :

Height: ** 5'8'' **

Weight: ** 163 lbs **

Build: ** Lithe Mesomorphic **

Physique and Demeanor: ** Short Dark Hair , Slim Build, Narrow-Bodied, Proud Demeanor.  **

Eye Colour: ** Brown **

Quote :
Skills & Traits:

Quote :
Magics: Taneli is versed primarily in the primal school. She is also familiar with secondary spells from the elemental tree, particularly lightning-based abilities.

"B'wahaha! Lookit' that, wouldya'?"

Quote :
Athletics: Taneli keeps herself in good shape, going on all sorts of different explorations with her brother Tela.

"Tela insists that athleticism is key!"

Quote :
Agility: Taneli finds herself being significantly more agile than her counterpart.

"Keep up, old man." - Taneli to an old man she was helping cross the street.

Quote :
Silver-Tongued: For better or for worse, Taneli is good with her words, and can be very convincing to the right person.

"Now, you see here good sir.."

Quote :

Quote :
Swordsmanship: Taneli is downright garbage with a sword, an axe, a mace, pretty much any form of weapon you could give her. She can stab things with a dagger, though not very effectively.

"This thing's pretty heavy are you sure you want to do thi - woah! Now hold on there, fella', I wasn't ready!"

Quote :
Engineering:  From simple pullies to clockwork, she has no idea how to really tinker with any of it. She has a bad spacial sense, and has relative difficulty with fathoming how it works.

"How'sat work again?"

Quote :
Easily-Attached: Taneli finds herself easily attached to people, for better or for worse.

"Clingy? Wadda'ya' mean I'm clingy?"

Quote :
Susceptible to Treachery : Taneli isn't the brightest of individuals. If there is obvious bullshittery going on, she may or may not pick up on it, but a well-planned ruse will often go right over her head.

"Oh, oh! I see what's going on here.."


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PostSubject: Re: [Human] Taneli Aldwulf   [Human] Taneli Aldwulf EmptyTue Jun 02, 2015 8:11 am

This character will be a hoot.


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[Human] Taneli Aldwulf
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