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 [Human] Victor Snowe

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PostSubject: [Human] Victor Snowe   [Human] Victor Snowe EmptySun May 31, 2015 12:51 am

Character Biography

A look at Victor in his full attire.


Victor not sporting a helm.


Name : Victor Snowe
Race : Human
Height : 6'5"
Sex : Male
Age : Early Thirties
Nationality : Lon
Birthplace : Small Londor village
Previous Occupation(s) : Londor Army, Village Guard
Current Occupation(s) : Hired caravan guard, Sell-sword
Known Languages : Common

Physique and Demeanor

Victor, although already rather old for a man of his occupation, gives an impression of seniority that, for a moment, shows a level of wisdom seeming beyond his years. It is later on however, though not much later, that he shows himself with a sense of entitlement, greed, and sinful pride to those around him. These traits however are hidden under a deep, raspy voiced, hulking human figure covered in a platemail, chainmail, and leather combination that gives the impression it was once a suit of knight's armor, and has been torn down and rebuilt with a more rugged design. His facial features, although generally covered by his full helm, which he had been given the nickname of 'Visor' therefore of, are that of a common soldier; unkempt with a fair sized goatee, obviously trimmed with a knife. Although his personality and appearance may say otherwise, Victor is far from a standard 'lemming', as he himself would put it, and hides a rather keen mind behind his exterior. Though Victor is of slightly above intelligence, most of his thought process is put into combat situations he finds himself in, and how to properly escape the situation intact and with his opponent in a pool of blood.

Combat Strategy & Techniques :

Combat Fundamentals : Due to his training as a soldier and work as a hired guard and sell-sword over the years, Victor is a competent fighter whom isn't afraid to steel himself if the need arises. Although only learning basic sword-play in training during his soldiering days, Victor has, through his numerous battles and many former sell-sword hirelings, learned proper and extremely deadly combat techniques with various weaponry, but primarily focuses on large war-hammers and two-handed weaponry, such as a bardiche.

Primary specialization(s) : General : Large two handed weapons, such as a spear, bardiche, or war-hammer.

Secondary specializations(s) : General : Small sized blades and blunt weapons, Singe weapon : Broad Dagger.

Primary armor specialization(s) :  General : Medium to heavy armor : Platemail, scalemail, and chainmail.
Secondary armor specialization(s) : General : Leather and other light armor types, usually mismatched with his current set of equipment.


Steel Bastard Sword
Steel Broad Dagger
Platemail, Chainmail, and leather attire.
Iron Buckler

Steel Lucerne Hammer
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PostSubject: Re: [Human] Victor Snowe   [Human] Victor Snowe EmptyTue Jun 02, 2015 8:13 am

Damn, you put a lot of work into this - using a lot of my older profile archetype. I like it.


[Human] Victor Snowe RbQL1pJ

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[Human] Victor Snowe
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