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 Dwarves - An Overview

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Dwarves - An Overview Cliff_city_by_benef-d4l8av7

The race of dwarves is defined by their stoic nature, their focus, their independence, and their vanity. Dwarves have historically kept to themselves with the intention of doing such. They are prized for their incredible attention to detail, and the dedication they have to the task they have at hand - able to deliver unerring focus. They strive to stand throughout the ages as the stone that surrounds them.

Politics are not the same for dwarves as they are for most. Often they seek seclusion, or at best significant personal freedom and space. Ruling for dwarves is almost identical to designating chores, with the person's only motivation for doing the chore is for gain they will experience personally. A dwarf does not lend its allegiance needlessly, nor does it aspire to serve anyone but itself and its closest loved ones. That does not make it greedy or apathetic, merely independent.

Dwarfkind is given to art, industry, responsibility, intelligence, and self-sufficiency. They are also vain, anarchist, distant, noninventive, and untrusting.

Dwarves have originated in Eastern Lankhmer's deserts, and are predominantly built to survive in it. They emit little body-heat and sweat easily, their small bodies keeping comfortable in the great heat. They have had little desire to expand beyond it, fortifying themselves on the personal and on the societal level.

Dwarves are also unique in that they don't inherently lean towards worship, or respecting the gods. They acknowledge the existence of the gods, but do not lean towards any particular deities out of a sense of belonging or responsibility. They believe a god must have created them, but what god - they cannot know. They are wary of gods just as they are of mortals, instead worshiping the fact they were created - and the relics they believe exist from it. Most prominently, they worship their holy land, particularly the Birthing Mountains of Zha-Hadundar.


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Dwarves - An Overview
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