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 Gobkind - An Overview

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Gobkind - An Overview Orc_shaman_by_markmolchan-d5874kg

The race of gob is defined by their tenacity, their dedication, their energy, and their integrity. Though not considered a peoples by much of the world, gobs show that they are as much sapient as any other. They are deeply loyal and show an almost inability to be dishonest. They are energetic and active, and seem to do their best in life by living directly. At the same time, they show no interest in formal education, they can be aggressive, rude, unsophisticated, and foolish.

They are markedly pigmented skin and upright frames to help keep them cool in the hot sun of their home. They boast carnivorous teeth for a largely carnivorous diet. They are largely nomadic, and do not establish permanent settlements.

Some gobkind are fair height and mesomorph built. These are called Hobgobs in common tongue, or Orcs in gobspeak.

Some gobkind are short and vary in build. These are called Goblins in common tongue, or Bulbins in gobspeak.

Some gobkind are very tall and endomorph built. These are Bilgobs in common tongue, or Ogres in gobspeak.

Some gobkind are tall and ectomorph built. These are called Ubgobs in common tongue, or Trollegs in gobspeak.

The common names are a bit less proper, and often imply negative connotation. The names in gob speak are more proper and respectful. Gobkin the only word that comes from gobspeak, though gobkind is so familiar that they overlook its use.

Political systems largely don't exist for gobkind, many of them being independent, functioning best on an extended family or band level. They shun most technology involving dedicated industry or complicated internal mechanisms. They are capable of producing skilled craftsmen, but do not do well with things they cannot see or feel. Magic is accepted in their society, as it is certainly a thing they can see and feel.

Gobkind has originated in Western Lankhmer, originating and staying largely within the harsh deserts of the badlands. The presence of strange happenings and lacking resources in the Utagdroog has resulted in a large diaspora of gobkind into human lands of Western Lankhmer, some even finding ways to transport themselves to Eastern Lankhmer's deserts and wetlands.

Their success and tolerance in human lands is variant, primarily fitting in within the southern kingdoms. Northern kingdoms often treat them poorly, some (Sabbaht and Shena) not recognizing them as people at all. Gobkind often have either very prosperous or very violent relationships with the Nuzeeri, varying group by group. Gobkind tends to do well with dwarves when personal space is respected. Gobkind and daemons would likely tolerate each other, were they not competing for their homes. Gobkind does very, very, very, very badly with elves.


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Gobkind - An Overview
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