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 Nuzeeri: Tux

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Derived from strong jungles and rolling savannahs, the Nuzeeri of this land live at the edge of the known world. They call this place Tux, or South in their language.

The Nuzeeri consider this the edge of the world, and the furthest that they might go. Though less bleak and harsh than the wild unending jungle of Krufu, the lands of Tux are considered equally distant, and almost as harsh. The Nuzeeri who occupy its jungles in the western border with Krufu have it relatively easy, living in the lushness and the warm jungles that cover enough land to form a nation of itself. In the east, when the jungle end, and reveal a fickle grassland that runs south and north and east into greater heat and dryness.

The Nuzeeri of the grasses are serious and determined, having to be in order to live off of the land. They scrounge out their existence either at the the shores of the mighty Paon river, or in nomadic fashion - looking for oases. They revel when the time comes for the yearly rain, and whole tribes folk to celebrate.

Most are relatively friendly to passersby, but mistrustful for good reason. These dry lands are treacherous to the Nuzeeri, and mark as far as they can travel sustainably. The cold nights could freeze a human if not careful, and could even easier kill a Nuzeeri. A human during the day could suffer heat-stroke, which at the same turn, could more easily kill a Nuzeeri.


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Nuzeeri: Tux
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