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 Nuzeeri: Krufu

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The greatest jungle on the face of Lankhmer. The Nuzeeri lands occupy a number of jungle reaches, particularly in sections of Nuz. Though, nothing is quite similar to the range known as Krufu. The name itself, Krufu, means No End in Nuzeeri.

In its eastern portions, it runs as any jungle might, great and strong, running through into the jungles and savannahs of Tux. In the west however, when exposed to the cold winds from the south and west, the jungles twist and change into something else entirely. Mountains of timber, great trees and canopies that blot out the sun. Misty barrens of wood and moss, channels for water that are lined with treebark. Nothing rules in this land but the growth, and the Nuzeeri of this land have learned to fear its tremendous power.

In both lands, the Nuzeeri make out their existence. In no other place do they struggle to do so more, for in this place, truly only nature rules. No settlement can be founded on its coasts, bordered by rooty growths and walls of trunk that stand above merciless waves. The rivers run dangerous, and the lake in the middle of the land is Quixzi, Dark-Rain in the Nuzeeri language; this lake is said to be home to powerful spirits that are as old as nature itself.

The eastern-most tributary holds the only trade port in the nation at the mouth of its river. In this port, Ghibscib, Dark-Grey-Cloud in Nuzeeri, the folk who come to see it describe it being colorless and bleak; offputtingly so compared to the usual color of the Nuzeeri people.


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Nuzeeri: Krufu
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