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 Nuzeeri: Zhaxix

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Nuzeeri: Zhaxix Mist_in_the_bog_by_fragoline


A wooded region frequented by fogs and rains, left in the paths of frequent monsoons, and leaving a heavily wooded wetland forest. A warm forest that knows no winter, that rolls over hills and runs up to the coastline, this region is made home to the northern sect of the Nuzeeri, forming tribes that move underneath the canopies and through the fogs.

The land is ripe with timber and other resources, though hard to manage in the constant rain - for most races. The Nuzeeri, however, thrive in this weather and such conditions. They build settlements from mud and timber, harvesting from the land what they need, and trading it with the dwarves to the north, and the men to the west. Trade colonies pry the coasts and border rivers of the landscape, but few dare push beyond with any sort of civilized claim. The woodlands and the inner rivers belong to the Nuzeeri that keep them.


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Nuzeeri: Zhaxix
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