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Nuzeeri: Nuz Green_swamp_by_r_a_i_n_a_r_t


The greatest wetland in all of the world, fed by the primary tributary coming off of the greatest river in all of Lankhmer, the River Paondyn. The waters from this river branch off and give rise to great swamps, bogs, everglades, and bayous. Plants of all sorts dominate the land, and nothing dares to question the natural order. This is the ancestral homeland of the little-known lizard men of Eastern Lankhmer, and it shares their name.

Nuz, in the language of the Nuzeeri, means wet, moist, moisture, or soaking; it encompasses the many states and forms of water into a single word, something that most human languages do not have a word for. They respect the wood in its totality, taking nothing that is not needed, establishing no rule that is not natural. They establish trade with those whom have encountered them, peddling rare things out from the vast wetlands. They staunchly defend their tribes and their lands, to the last man.


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Nuzeeri: Nuz
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