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 Dwarfkind: Torfandor

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Dwarfkind: Torfandor Dry_stone_wall_by_alex37


The least arid of all the lands occupied by the Dwarf folk, made of dry grasslands and steppes stretching out wide and far over rolling hills. The hot winds of the north drag over the sea of garnets and its rivers, drawing moisture through the lands and giving Torfandor its rains and monsoons.

The land is rife with agricultural settlements, raising much food and crop, trading it to other dwarfish folk and in some cases to the Nuz, Daemons, and Humans. Each settlement is different, but this region seems to boast some of the greatest technological familiarity, and extensive trade routes of any of the dwarfish nations. Similarly, it boasts the some of the most varied populations of crafts, groups, and isolated foreign minority settlements.

Its strongest bodies are the dwarfish military factions that oft trade and fight amongst each other for particular wants. Only for short times is the region ever united under a single military faction, and given to a real king.


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Dwarfkind: Torfandor
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