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 Dwarfkind: Kufradamun

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Marked by seas of sands, miles of plateaus, sandy shores, and gracious groundwater springs - the lands of Kufradamun have been the strongest bastion of dwarfish society to exist in Lankhmer. The nation has its borders secured on every side; to the north by warm seas; to the west by the plains of Torfandor; to the south by the harsh deserts of the Badlands; and by mysterious, unending, and merciless deserts to the east.

The dwarves sing old songs of sandstorms swallowing cities whole, and so no dwarf builds his home upon them any longer. Only nomads and traders make their livelihoods on those sands, in a place where no permanent structure remains in one place. Some are rumored as appearing, and disappearing in those shifting dunes.

The plateaus are hot and large, baking in the light of the life-bringing sun. Many dwarves make use of stilts to cross them, to aid their small bodies in remaining cool. The plateaus also bear access to deep and plentiful reservoirs of water, allowing for permanent settlements that can be sustained on the yearly rains through the building of vast cisterns. The dwarves have built mighty fortresses of great stone atop and into these plateaus, some of which draw the fascination of even the most learned human architects of the west.

The shores invite trade to these lands, where they offer, wares carted from quarries laid at the base of the plateaus; making profit from the dangerous work of digging beneath the sands. This region provides the greatest amount of salt, lime, and sandstone to other nations of the world - making it significantly wealthy. Traders thrive here, at the edge of the known world, where the dwarves import much in modern literature, education, and food.

The society in Kufradamun functions off of the dwarvish tradition of the Body of Counsel. The people of a city sharing a position or function band together, and stand together to make demands on behalf of the whole. The Body that a person belongs to effectively controls what their obligations and expectations within society are, and these can vary from city-state to city-state.


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Dwarfkind: Kufradamun
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