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 Alchemy: A Synopsis

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Alchemy: A Synopsis Alchemist_s_workshop_by_mischeviouslittleelf-d7nd26k

Akhmarnathibbet wrote:
"Chemistry is not Alchemy! I am a chemist,
I use the mundane properties of matter to aid people of this world!

Alchemy is a powerful, dangerous field of magic, where a mage learned in chemistry,
draws magic into the matter producing who knows what!"

- The Court of Radicur Valdmorgir, Trial of Alchemist Grebbin Daburd.

Alchemy is the magical practices of using magic to draw forth supernatural properties within matter. There are numerous schools of thought for how this is done, varying from practice to practice. The magical properties drawn forth within an object. Enchanting is the similar practice of weaving a spell into an inanimate object, binding it to the matter therein. The two share superficial similarities and perhaps some fundamental comparability, but alchemy is a a specific discipline that is quite different from the field of enchanting; perhaps one of the unifying characteristics is perhaps that it is dangerous to ingest unknown magical substances.

Alchemical consumables come in two primary types: serums and aromatics. More commonly known as potions and vapors, these are the two most common forms of alchemical activity. Alchemists do produce solids, but they are in all known cases unintended for consumption, and among the most esoteric practices of the study.

Alchemy is a difficult practice of magic, requiring a steady hand at both spellcraft and chemistry. An alchemist produces something that is not mundane, but supernatural. The products of alchemy retain their magical power until they are destroyed, making them Sustained magical items; though, some potions can 'go bad' under certain conditions - and cannot be used as intended. If a potion appears to have gone bad, and you do not know what it does when it has, you are recommended to carefully bury it and leave the area.

Alchemical consumables are undoubtedly powerful. They provide benefits within scant minutes of being imbibed. They provide an extended benefit over a long duration, not performing as in stories - with magical elixirs that heal all wounds. Potions and vapors, or rather perhaps the humans imbibing them, do have limitations and can only do so much so quickly. Alchemists often advise their productions be used in preparation for specific scenarios, before you're neck deep in trouble.

Alchemy is also able to harm; very, very easily. The same potions imbibed to produce benefits can also easily kill.

Alchemical potions are often designed to be applied at a certain dose. If you don't know the dose, you risk killing yourself. The intended dose gives the desired effect over a desired duration. Similarly, it is risky to imbibe another dose even after the intended effect has worn off, as the potion is still present in your body. It usually takes the time of normal consumables to pass through your bodies, but some alchemists - to be safe - recommend waiting a day before consuming more of the same potion after drinking much water.

Normal people can healthily imbibe a single dose of potion a day, usually. Someone with noticeable magical potential might be able to take two or three, depending on their constitution. Those who are willing to risk their personal health sometimes engage in an act known as 'Toxing', where they might take more dosage than they can take with respect to their health. toxing comes with a wealth of side effects, and toxing in itself can very easily be deadly.

Even still, those who maintain the healthy level of dosage for taking potions or vapors, but do so very regularly, run the risk of developing the long-term sicknesses as someone who toxes. Though, someone who sticks to the healthy doses will, without a doubt, be incredibly more healthy and long lived than someone whom toxes, even if they only tox occasionally - and the healthy potion drinker regularly imbibes.


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Alchemy: A Synopsis
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