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 Adrian Connolly -- The Hothead Brit

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PostSubject: Adrian Connolly -- The Hothead Brit   Adrian Connolly -- The Hothead Brit EmptyFri Sep 02, 2016 2:26 am

Adrian Connolly

Adrian Connolly -- The Hothead Brit PhpYyaenh

Adrian Connolly -- The Hothead Brit Article-2069113-0CF7B9FA00000578-247_634x445

Character Summary
Chaotic Good
Renegade<████████ | ████████>Paragon

Awful<███████|██████|██████>Bretty gud
"If there's one thing I learned fightin' ragheads ah'long side a Rooski; dun't fockin' fock wit'ah'Rooski."

Adrian Connolly -- The Hothead Brit 00k2_raf_medic

Name: Adrian William Connolly
Aliases: "Adidas - Connor - Zulu 1-5"
Age: 25
Birthday: September 1st
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Birth Planet: Earth
Nationality:English, Scottish
Hometown: Canterbury, England then Edinburgh, Scotland United Kingdom
Gender: Male
Specialization: British Army Corpsman
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 168 lbs
Build: Muscular
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brownish Black
Skin Tone: White
Tattoos/Scars/Piercings: N/A

Adrian Connolly -- The Hothead Brit Tumblr_nlkj11UNL11r3wv8do4_r1_500
"Th'fock yew say tah'me'cunt?"


* Day-Dreamer * Courageous * Hot-Headded * Loyal * Committed * Slightly Racist *

Martial Status: Unmarried


  • Drinking
  • Arguing
  • Cursing
  • Day-Dreaming


  • Loudness
  • Unity
  • Day-Dreaming
  • Rainy days
  • Scotch


  • Stupid people
  • Stupid orders
  • Stupid people following stupid orders
  • Those who follow Sharia Law
  • Those who think Multiculturalism is a good idea
  • Ragheads
  • Goat fuckers
  • Sand

General Skills:

  • Medical training
  • Basic survival training
  • Basic Infantryman training
  • Desert Survival Training
  • CQB
  • Marksmanship
  • Land navigation


  • Medically trained.
  • Excellent runner.
  • Very fit and tough.
  • Multiple tours.
  • Survival kind of guy.
  • Excellent dexterity.


  • Can not use a weapon meant for extreme ranges
  • Lethargy along with general fatigue
  • Heavy gear.
  • Fighting a more equipped force than the usual rag-head.

Adrian Connolly -- The Hothead Brit Shane-in-Bastogne-shane-taylor-21330190-1024-576

Standard Loadout

  • 2x Hand-grenades.
  • 1x SIG Sauer P226
  • 5x 9x19mm magazines.
  • 1x MTP Combat BDU's to fit environment, along with a quarter empty PLCE, Grass/Netting
  • helmet, Chest rig, Dump pouch, camelbak, personal role radio.
  • 1x Wessex blade.
  • 1x L85A2
  • -4x ACOG
  • -AN/PEQ laser sight
  • -Ergonomic Foregrip.
  • 5x 5.56x45 STANAG magazines.
  • 3x Pre-packed MRE's.
  • 1x Medical Kit
  • -10 7 bandages
  • -5 2 syringes
  • -13/4th's spray bottle of disinfectant
  • -package of 20 cotton balls
  • -3 medical shears
  • -spool of sutures
  • -1 IV kit
  • -32 1/2 rolls of kerlox gauze
  • -5 rolls of tourniquets
  • -1 4/5th's box of Nitrile gloves
  • -10 8 packages of field dressing
  • -2 1 3/4th's rolls of medical tape
  • 2x 1 2.5L water bottle.
  • 1x Empty 2.5L water bottles.
  • 2x skivvy rolls
  • 1x Poncho.
  • 1x Multi-tool.
  • 1x GPS.

Personal Effects

  • Scottish flag patch.
  • Red cross patch

Adrian Connolly -- The Hothead Brit Tumblr_lgxudvxlWv1qzny6do1_500

Character Quote:

  • "Yew fookin' wot mate?"
  • "I swear if ye don't shut yer fookin' face, my fists will shut it fer yah."
  • "Jaysus Christ is smells like Ragheads in 'ere!"
  • "Oh, what's that? Yew need my help? Well ta fookin' bad! Unfuck it yer self!"
  • "Fuckin' yanks."

Criminal Record: Clear Record
Face Claim: Eugene Roe(Shane Taylor)
Voice Claim: Kenneth Donnelly(John Ullyatt)

Adrian Connolly -- The Hothead Brit Tumblr_m05y39IqTa1qftzl9o1_250

{"Eh, yer not bad. Fer an Yank."}
Respects ~*~ Neutral ~*~ Friends ~*~ Good Friends ~*~ § Tense ~*~ Platonic Love ~*~ Significant Other ~*~ Enemies ~*~ † Deceased

LCpl. S. MacMillan: If yah ever played Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, this man is a direct copy an' paste of Captain MacMillan the sniper. Ironically enough, he shares both last name an' specialisation. Met th'bugger back in Afghanistan while on tour there in 2018. We share a hatred fer'th'fockin' rag heads that we do. Both hate'em fer'basically takin' over London. Other than all that, I can respect tha'man ferbein'intha' position he's in taday.

§Milo Haldren: Nevah loiked th'lass from'th'start. Fockin' Tumblrina she is. Complains ah'bout nearly everythin'. Probabbly cos'she's'miss "Me dad's ah international arms manufacturer ah'n 'e le's me doo what'evah tha'fock ah want!" Basically useless befo'ah'nd'aftah th'fockin' EMP. Fockin' pulled ah gun on meself ah'nd me fockin' Countrymen ah'nd threatened ta'kill us fer no'elpin'er Ol'redy dead scissor'lass. Ah'sware on me fockin'mum tha'th'bitch tries an'threatens Ah'or'me Countrymen ah'gain, Ah'm gonna make sur'she joins 'er poosey'eatin'friend back in'tha'ditch wher'she'fockin' bit it.

WO2. A. Walcroft: Ah'dun'tkno' too much ah'bout'er otha'than th'fact she's in tha'bloody Royal Marines Commando. Nawh tha's somethin'Ah nevah thought Ah'ear meself say in a single sentence. "She" ah'nd "In tha'bloody Royal Marines Commando." Dun't make too much sense ta'me. Come tah think of'et, Ah'aven't seen'er since that fockin' EMP went off. Wonder wher'tha'lass went...

Cpl. O. Fick: Fockin' Canuck Para. Tha's Ol'll Ah got tah say ah'bout th'lad.

Earl Magnussen: Rag'ead that dun't like rag'eads. Ah could see it. Dun't kno'wher'tha' fockin' peacekeepin' arse went.

HM3. J. Aguayo: Chill lad fer'ah spic. Least Ah'm not th'only one who can keep us from fallin'ah'part when som'one gets fockin'shot.

Cpl. B. Moore: Lad's'n SAS man. Automatically good in me'fockin' books.

Trp. B. MacLeod: Same ah's Moore. SAS lad, dun't talk much. Dun't expect anythin'else from'em.

Talia Reslova: Why th'ell doo we'ave ah fockin'child wit'us?! Ah'mean, relly nah. Ah'ad ta'give th'lil lass muh'elmet as we evac'd outta'that shite hole of a compound. Hopefully she still 'as'it.

§Cpl. R. Marshal: Fockin' Yank wit'is dick up a British lass named Scarlett. Self apposed leader'ah'nd general daft nitwit. Thinks ah'm'is friend bot ah'nevah relly loiked'or'trusted'em from'tha start.

Nicholas Taylor: Fer'som'reason whey'ave ah'n Aussie wit'us. Abeit 'e wos most loikely 'ere on vacation. Sur' 'e's ol'roight an'o'll, bot 'e's jus' eh.

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Adrian Connolly -- The Hothead Brit Empty
PostSubject: Re: Adrian Connolly -- The Hothead Brit   Adrian Connolly -- The Hothead Brit EmptySat Sep 10, 2016 10:31 pm

Only adding those upon request because I cant remember which one of you fucks ive talked to
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Adrian Connolly -- The Hothead Brit Empty
PostSubject: Re: Adrian Connolly -- The Hothead Brit   Adrian Connolly -- The Hothead Brit EmptyWed Sep 21, 2016 8:08 pm

added some of you fucks

post if you want to see a roast or not
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Adrian Connolly -- The Hothead Brit Empty
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Adrian Connolly -- The Hothead Brit
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