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 Lynn Charon - Gentle Giant

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Lynn Charon

Lynn Charon - Gentle Giant 7ea1dcb9c22f98cf7f4c181b2fc8aad2
Character Summary

Name: Lynn Gynora Charon
Aliases: 'Gigantor' 'Thunderdome' 'Tiny' 'Lynnormus' 'Amazonian'
Age: 19
Birthday: April 19th 2008
Ethnicity: French American
Nationality American
Hometown: Ripley, West Virginia
Gender: F

Lynn Charon - Gentle Giant Lb5zK
"I know."

Height: 6'5''
Weight: 198lbs
Build: Large Mesomorph
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde
Skin Tone: Pale

Lynn Charon - Gentle Giant Tumblr_m6vqsfbUVb1qc9j6ho1_r2_500
"Here, let me do that."

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
A literal gentle giant, Lynn is known for being an incredibly soft and caring person with an incredibly genuine and kind personality. Completely selfless, sometimes to an unhealthy level, Lynn concerns herself with others before herself in all things, even when concerning less desirable people. As well, despite being a soldier, Lynn prefers to avoid any sort of violence, although is not adverse to using it in self defense or the defense of others. As well, Lynn is notoriously timid and shy especially while around those she has not yet met.

Lynn Charon - Gentle Giant ZaEsbq0_zps98838fbb
"Sometimes people have to do hard things to protect other people, things they don't want to do. I don't like being that person but, I have to so someone else doesn't have to."
Other Information

General Skills:

Basic combat training (Firearms use, hand to hand combat, tactics)
Basic Military First Aid
Oil painting
Weight lifting
Florist Knowledge

Personal Effects

x1 M16A4
x1 OCP ACU & Plate Carrier
x1 OCP Kevlar Helmet
x1 M9 Bayonet
x2 M67 Fragmentation Grenades
x1 MP3 Player
x1 Ragged rabbit plushie
Three days worth of MRE

Lynn Charon - Gentle Giant Giphy
"What? He was already down, I didn't want to hurt him."

Character Quote:

"I have to go, ma'. If I don't, someone else will, and I'd rather that be me than them."

Criminal Record: N/A
Face Claim: Gwendoline Christie
Voice Sample: Vocal Sample
Anything Else:

Lynn turned down art school to join the US Army due to her belief that she could help people better that way.

Lynn has an idealistic view of the United States and the United States Army in particular.

Due to her size and overall appearance, Lynn is often mistaken for being far older than she is.

In high school, Lynn took up boxing at the behest of a classmate and friend, however quickly left after over the fear that she may hurt someone.

Lynn Charon - Gentle Giant 6a00d8341c9e5b53ef019101a8b315970c-800wi
"I don't hate nobody."

Arvi Kjellbørne
"Arvi is nice. He seems to genuinely care about the people around him for the most part. At least, he cared enough to help me when I first showed up nervous and not sure what to do... He's a bit silly at times but, I can appreciate that. It's good to have someone like that around. He calls me 'Amazonian' though... I hope it doesn't catch on."

Riley Marshal
"Well, he got shot in the head then stood back up so... I suppose he's tougher than he looks. And, he seems nice enough. He curses a lot but, it doesn't bother me so much, and he apologized over practically nothing to me so, he can't be all bad."

Major Allen Rickard
"I don't know what service the Major is from, but he's still obliged to follow the same rules of war as the rest of us. I don't care what the Russians do, we hold ourselves, as soldiers, as people, to a higher standard. We came here to help these people free their country, not to force them to die for it then gas their homes... At least, I did. According to the Uniform Code of Military Justice I have an obligation not only to follow lawful orders given to me by a general officer, but to disobey unlawful ones as well. An obligation as powerful as the first concerning obeying lawful orders... I don't care if the rest of them stand against me together, I know what's right, and it is my duty as a soldier of the United States to uphold it's lawful integrity."
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Lynn Charon - Gentle Giant
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