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 A Second Note To Applicants

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PostSubject: A Second Note To Applicants   A Second Note To Applicants EmptyWed Sep 14, 2016 11:46 am

With the NATO pull-out from the front of the conflict, I'm looking to make military characters more rare now that the prologue is over with, given that the server isn't meant to be a military RP despite the fact that it's leaning in that direction. So, I'm putting this in-place to try and get away from that and cater more to everyone else. If you're still interested in making remnant characters, feel free to contact me on steam and we'll talk. But, as it stands, I want to put a soft-cap on it in regards to basic applications.

This is subject to change if I decide to make a different format for army goys'.


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A Second Note To Applicants
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