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 The Walcroft Chronicles

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PostSubject: The Walcroft Chronicles   The Walcroft Chronicles EmptyWed Sep 21, 2016 6:57 pm

I thought it would be an interesting sentiment to dedicate my own thread to Walcroft. Flashbacks, Journals, and all other things Alice. Some of my topics are a little dark, and others have multiple themes to them. If they're vague or jumbled, it's because it's not meant to be clear and concise. The chronology is turbo-fucked on purpose.



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[She hollered as her heart began to sink deeper and deeper into her chest as the Warrant Officer failed to catch him as the ground beneath his feet fell away. It wasn't the fact that he was going to die from the fall, nor the fact that she was helpless to have caught him. No. It was more than that. It was the fear in his eyes that struck her on the way down. Walcroft closed her eyes and fought back the stinging sensation that plagued them, whilst pleading with herself not to lose her demeanor at the loss of another member of her team.]

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[She opened her eyes to find herself sitting inside of one of the empty rooms back at their base in Romania. Standing across from her while she sat at the table was Eugene Taylor, the medical Clerk attached to her squad. The sight of him was relieving, but she could feel her teeth nearly chattering and her temples pulsating as she shook ever so slightly in her seat. The man across from her lifted his brows with a slight smirk as he regarded her. For a moment, she closed her eyes in order to appease the migraine she had. The lighting didn't help. He called her suddenly, prompting her to jump in her seat once she fully zoned back in.]



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[Alice opened her eyes to the sound of Eugene shouting. The harsh Ukrainian forest was dark and damp during the rainstorm. She fell to the ground as the EMP went off somewhere up in the stratosphere, prompting her and Eugene's head torches to no longer function. She stayed down for a moment or two to catch her breath until her companion helped raise her to her feet.]

"The helos -"

[Eugene pointed up into the sky. The helicopters that they'd missed after being left behind could be seen off in the distance, still, from where they were. Twirling and falling at an alarming rate, Alice covered her mouth at the sight of it. Those that so many had just given their lives for were plummeting towards the Earth and there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it. Her glance fell and she kept on walking with the remnants of her team through the dense forest. Fire and smoke filled the horizon, tracers as far as the eye could see.]

"We should keep going."

"Right. Lipton, James, keep up. We're moving."

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[Alice opened her eyes to Eugene looking down at her in the base room that they sat in. At least, she thought it was him. It looked like Eugene, but she just couldn't make out his face in her disoriented state. Were the long hours getting to her, or was it that migraine that simply wouldn't go away?]

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"I need you to finish with the questions, Alice, if that's alright."

"Oh, right. Of course. 'pologies, Eugene. 'm tired, is all."

"Excellent. Now, for the record. I need your full name and rank, please."

" 'm Alison Sydney Walcroft, Warr'nt Officer Second Grade."

"Why don't you begin by telling us a little bit about yourself, Warrant Officer?"

"About me? Well. 'm twenny-seven, n' from London, England. I don't eat or sleep very often anymore. Though, when I do, I reckon 'm a big fan a' chicken strips n' rice. 's a favorite'a' mine. We're not talking that easy-bake bullshit, either. The real-deal-chicken-tendies with the rice, done all nice-like in the pan, yeah? But eh - most days it's supplements n' just a lot of water."

[Alice looked down at her watch, though her vision was blurry and incapable of making out the digital numbers displayed. At first she thought it may have been her, but then she came to realize that the digits on her watch were no more than faded shapes, as if where she was had no concept of real passing time. Eugene paced back and forth, speaking once more. Though, it was hard to make out what he was saying. The ringing in her ears grew louder and louder until the white noise became unbearable. Cupping her face in her hands, Alice closed her eyes once more.]

[Before her, lie Lance Corporal Callum James. One of the last members of her platoon. In her hands was the catalyst, white-knuckle gripped and barrel smoking. She dropped to her knees and looked down as the Lance, no older than a young adult spat blood up into the air whilst he laid on his back. The cave was quiet, save for the occasional noise coming from the Warrant Officer as well as the dying boy. Long she sat there, fearing, doubting. Guilty.]

"You never tell me anything, Alice. For once, let me help you for Christ sake! What happened to James and Lipton?"

"I killed them. I killed the two of them -- and no-one ever knew. No-one cared. They'll likely never even be found. I was afraid -- I jumped the gun and there was an accident. I thought I was going to die, and then I saw someone."

[Alice lay on her side on the outskirts of the collapsed cave. She held her bleeding rib from where her team-mates had returned fire after she shot them. Her eyes blink a few times in an attempt to keep herself from bawling until they shut tightly afterwords.]

[Eugene's mouth moved, but Alice no longer heard his voice. Instead, she heard someone elses words as they echoed throughout the room. They were distant, but familiar all the same, Eugene as their means but not their source.]

"An accident? You shot them down in cold-blood, you knew they were coming! But tell me now. Who did you see, Alison? Who was it!?"

"I looked at her, and she looked back at me. Was she dead, just as the others were? In spirit, perhaps. In the flesh? Her heart still beat and she still drew air into her lungs."

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The Walcroft Chronicles
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