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 Ryan's Application

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PostSubject: Ryan's Application   Sun Sep 25, 2016 10:44 am

OOC Info

[Steam Username]:and we party, every week and so
[Steam ID]:STEAM_0:1:37459410
[Sponsor's Steam Username]:Guy
[Sponsor's Steam ID]:STEAM_0:1:22150424

IC Info

Name:Renada Nikolai
Character Advantages/Talents:
*[Quick Witted]This is self explanatory-she's smart enough to get herself out of trouble.
*[Educated] She's received schooling for twenty two years of her life.
*[Ambidextrous] She's just as good with both hands.
*[Fluent in English ]Due to schooling in the United Kingdom when she was little, she can speak and understand English to it's fullest extent.

Character Disadvantages/Weaknesses:
*[Clumsy] She's not the most nimble, and she sure isn't pulling off any stealthy things anytime soon.
*[Soft] She doesn't take pain like a soldier, working at a cozy desk job most of her adult life.
*[Physically Unimposing] She was born short, standing at a measly 5'4.
*[Unfamiliar] She does not know the surrounding area-she's been in other countries for most of her life, coming back to Ukraine for a job.

Current Equipment:
Woman's dress shirt w/tie, dirtied with dirt and debris dust.
Dirty black suitpants
Plastic thick framed glasses
Police Fort 14TP
1 14 round 9 millimeter magazine for said Fort 14TP.
1 Silver Flask, half full, vodka.
1 thermos, reusable.
1 American 'North Face' Polar Jacket
A few granola bars.
Gerber Compact Knife

Pointform Biography:
-Renada Rven Nikolai, born to two Ukrainian parents on December 30th, 2003.
-Age 4, 2007, she starts her first year of school in Kiev, Ukraine.
-Age 13, 2016. Her parents make the decision to move out of the country into the United Kingdom, to further Renada's schooling.
-Age 16. Renada gets accepted into the University of Cambridge.
-Age 22. Renada completes her college with a Master's Degree in Finances.
-Age 23. Renada moves out of the UK, back into Ukraine, for a lucrative job offer.
-Age 23. At home, the screeches of Russian jets are heard. Frantically changing the channels to the news-she took everything she needed, and hightailed it out of Ukraine-first by car, but then abandoning it to go by foot.
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PostSubject: Re: Ryan's Application   Sun Sep 25, 2016 2:43 pm

never in my life

sorry bud


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PostSubject: Re: Ryan's Application   Sun Sep 25, 2016 6:15 pm

Are you a tuna, bro?
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PostSubject: Re: Ryan's Application   

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Ryan's Application
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