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 CBS News Snippet 01 -- Korea / Ukraine

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CBS News Snippet 01 -- Korea / Ukraine Empty
PostSubject: CBS News Snippet 01 -- Korea / Ukraine   CBS News Snippet 01 -- Korea / Ukraine EmptyMon May 22, 2017 1:01 am

- Credit to Senor Oreo Buns

: October 16th, 2020
Time: 6:11 P.M. EST
Broadcast: CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley

“Good evening to those just tuning in. The war raging in the Korean Peninsula continues to escalate into complete bloodshed day by day. US and South Korean forces have made grueling pace into Yontan in the North Hwanghae province. North Korean Forces have dug in, preventing both countries forces from advancing into Pyongyang. We now go to our field correspondent, Eliza Turner, near the frontlines in Yontan for first hand coverage; Eliza?”

*The scene switches from the busy bustle of the newsroom of CBS to the morning light of the war-torn countryside of North Korea. There are fortifications and supplies everywhere indicating the footage is taking place in what seems to be a FOB. A fair skinned woman in her late twenties wearing a blackish-blue Press helmet and vest with microphone and earpiece in hand. In the background, a combination of M-22 Ospreys, F-16 Multirole Falcons, M1A3 Abrams, and soldiers yelling over the sound of booming artillery in the distance is heard. It appears to be all out war on the Korean Peninsula.*

“Scott, things here in Yontan have escalated into what seems a heavy slugging match. North Korean forces have taken up defensive positions deep within the mountains. Tactics similar to what was seen from the Japanese during World War Two. Chinese ground forces have taken to reinforcing KPA positions giving the South Korean and US tank divisions an absolutely terrible time. As we speak, American artillery units have been hammering KPA and Chinese positions in the mountains all day and night with what seems little success. The Chinese Air Force and KPA missile sites have kept both US and Japanese air support out of the question and out of the area. Scott, from what it seems, this slugging match is not going to end anytime soon. Back to you Scott.”

*The scene then goes from the war-torn landscape of North Korea back to the bustling newsroom of CBS Evening News, the camera panning back to Scott Pelley at the anchor table.*

“Thanks Eliza, keep us updated on the situation. We now shift our focus to the rising crisis happening in Western Ukraine. It has been approximately five years since the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula by the Russian Federation. Since then, Russian military forces along with Pro-Russian groups have moved across the entirety of Eastern Ukraine, rolling through what little remained of the Ukrainian Military, and Pro-Ukrainian forces. In the past months, tensions have risen on the Ukrainian-Romanian border as NATO and Russian forces are in a showdown at the border. We now go to on the scene at the Ukrainian-Romanian border with our correspondent in the field; Robert Chang. Robert?”

*The scene displayed on screen once again transitions from the newsroom to what appears to be nighttime in the Romanian capital of Bucharest. A man of average stature and average asian facial features stands in front of the camera with a blue windbreaker on and a microphone in hand. There is a slight wind that is being picked up from the microphone and is being recorded.*

“Scott, the situation here in Romania can only be described and ‘Cold War level Tension’. With NATO and Russian military forces in an intense staredown for Western Ukraine, it can be felt throughout all of Europe. People here are fearful as NATO is not up to par to face Russia as it once was last year since President Trump officially declared that the US will take a lesser stance in supporting the military organization as well as the ongoing conflict in North Korea. Most of the troops here consist of British, French, Canadian, Polish, and German Armed Forces with American troops few and far between serving as support in a defensive line. NATO forces are relying on what is left of the Pro-Ukrainian militias to disrupt supply lines but it seems that Pro-Russian groups such as the Novorussians and a group only known as ‘Sparta Battalion’ have made every day for them a pain. Scott, from what it seems here that with tensions so high, people fear that a war between Russia and NATO will break out for control over Western Europe. Live from Bucharest, Romania, I’m Robert Chang. Scott, back to you.”

*The scene then returns once more to the newsroom of CBS Evening News, Scott Pelley is back on screen with his hands folded on the desk and his posture straight.*

“Thank you Robert. We n---”

*The TV switches to Comedy Central as the TV Viewer simply did not care enough about what was happening in the world to pay attention to anything else.*

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CBS News Snippet 01 -- Korea / Ukraine
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