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 HoneyElk's Application

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PostSubject: HoneyElk's Application   Thu May 25, 2017 3:23 pm

OOC Info

[Steam Username]: HoneyElk
[Steam ID]: STEAM_0:0:54665548
[Sponsor's Steam Username]: Nazz
[Sponsor's Steam ID]: STEAM_0:0:18393584

IC Info

Name: Jamie Carmody
Alias(es): Knocker
Age: 26
Ethnicity: English-Australian
Character Advantages/Talents:
• (Nearly)Photographic Memory: Carmody has a knack for memory, able to remember and recite relatively large amounts of data in a short period of exposure.
• Iceman: An ability to stay calm and cool lends well to Carmody's capacity to keep a composed disposition even in the most trying of periods.
Character Disadvantages/Weaknesses:
• Cocksure: Arrogance and stubbornness are a deadly combo. Carmody has a knack for butting heads with those he disagrees with.
• Claustrophobia: Tight, constricting spaces wear down on Carmody, introducing extra stressors and distractions into his world.
• Four Eyes: Without glasses, Carmody has trouble making out the the points on the Commonwealth Star. Probably should look into lasik one day.
Military Branch / Country of Origin: 1st Commando Regiment, Australian Army
Current Equipment:
• F88S-A1 Austeyr Rifle
• H&K USP Pistol
• AN/PRC-119 Radio
Point-Form Biography:
• Born in Ballarat, Victoria in Australia on May 3rd, 1994
• Raised in upper-middle class household; No outstanding family or environment changes
• Excelled academically in both primary and secondary education, graduating with honors at Geelong Grammar
• Enrolled into University of Melbourne in 2012 on limited scholarships
• Enlisted into Australian Army Reserves in 2013, seeking finical tuition assistance; Attended and completed schooling for non-combative communications billet
• Graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
• Sought employment in various technical start-ups, but did not find satisfaction in these occupations
• Took interest in 1st Commando Regiment, seeking greater challenge and national service
• Volunteered for and passed selection training, completing the 332-day long CIET course, switching to active duty status
• Deployment to Afghanistan (x2) and Iraq during period between 2016-2019
• Following recommendation by British Royal Marine personnel during a Pacific readiness exercise, Carmody puts in a request for JTF deployment
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PostSubject: Re: HoneyElk's Application   Thu May 25, 2017 3:44 pm

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PostSubject: Re: HoneyElk's Application   Thu May 25, 2017 5:20 pm

Quote :
took the words out of my mouth
that's my response

affraid affraid affraid
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PostSubject: Re: HoneyElk's Application   

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HoneyElk's Application
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