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Persephone A.M. Emberfury; The Spider, The Sorceress, The Guardian of Eleria
"Est sularus oth mithus. It was a dream that was Eleria."
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An Eye For Secrets

Character Summary

Lawful Evil
Renegade<████████ | ████████>Paragon

Awful<███████|██████|█████>Not Awful

"-- And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you; Hark! For the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find them."

Character Name: Persephone Arthur-Morrigan Emberfury
Gender: Female
Home: Wyndemere, Capitol of Eleria
Age: 577
Birth Sign: Virgo
Affiliation: Independent
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 135 Lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Build: Lithe
Demeanor: Reserved
Education: Upper-Class

Tarot Card / A Quick Consensus​

An Eye For Secrets X8rQy20An Eye For Secrets YH2UApb

The Hierophant

A down-looker of exhibitionism as well as a curious muse doubled with an all-business attitude. Having been quite literally 'been there and done that' in most given scenarios, Persephone finds herself capable of handling situations in a head-on approach with premeditation when necessary. An appreciator of intrigue and an intellectual, she looks at most situations with a worse-case scenario in her head in the interest of avoiding disappointment and facilitating surprise. While arrogant and often-times downright brooding, miz' Emberfury is a High Elf of eloquent taste and polite demeanor. She tends to contribute to conversations through intellectual insight or droll facetiousness, but were she to open up to someone, they may come to terms with her being far more human than she appears. With little obvious care for those she does not know, Persephone colors herself with intrigue in the face of adversary or challenge, though never to the point of crass behavior or decision-making.

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A painting of a younger Persephone, back home in Eleria.

Austere* Tidy * Arrogant * Meticulous * Introvert * Punctual * Observant​

Marital Status: Widowed
Touching Her Pendant
Observing People


Intellectual Conversation
Wax Crafting


Monophobia - The fear of prolonged solidarity

Things Going According To Plan
Classical Music
Good Articulation
Lack of Noise


Selfish People
Beast Races
Boisterous People
Dry Climates

Cards On The Table​

Intelligent: Particularly smart about most of her endeavors, able to make connections between 'hands-on' and academics.
Premeditation: Definitely a thinker, would not be classified as the type of person to charge head-long into something without thinking it through.
Wisdom: An individual capable of being sought after for technical advice or critical input.
Unlikely-Minded: Persephone will often voice her thoughts in private counsel. She does not always share the same thoughts as everyone else in the room, and will make that clear.
Interpersonal Relationships: Persephone finds herself having increased difficulty with social interactions. Be-it from her position in the social hierarchy, or the fact that some find her to be arrogant or prude; many do not enjoy the fact that she frowns upon juvenile behaviors.
Judgemental: Being judgemental and austere in her right, Persephone finds herself having difficulty when it comes to eyeing flourishing qualities within most individuals.
Headstrong: With few academic challenges she's not capable of overcoming, Persephone is occasionally too bull-headed for her own good. Colleagues have noted easy frustration or anger in the face of an overwhelming adversary.

Personal Effects:
Silver Three-Sided Knife
Ironwood Staff
Steel Longsword
Steel Half-Plate w/ Gorget
Elvish Wizard Robes
Spell Tome x2
White-Gold Rings x2
Anti-Magic Trinket T2
Bag of Holding

Character History

You little snoop.

Character Spellbook

Schools of Study:

School of Study: Elemental (Frost & Fire)
School Dedication: Primary
Years of Study: Twenty Five
Spells Practiced: X
School Progression: Direct & Supplementary Spellcraft
Study Description: Persephone's pinnacle art, and perhaps most volatile tool in spellcraft. Elemental magic is primarily used for of course, manipulating elements. When juxtaposed against the original forms of magic that warp space and time for teleportation between planes, an understanding of the Arcane forces enough to directly manipulate them in ways not unlike inflicting various types of damage, and given a fundamental understanding of magic, Persephone uses the Elemental school as a catalyst to draw in that magical energy, for use in highly versatile spells. This is usually most effective against elementals and non-magic users.

School of Study: Arcane
School Dedication: Secondary
Years of Study: Fifteen
Spells Practiced: X
School Progression: Supplementary Spellcraft
Study Description: While versed best in her primary school, Persephone has learned to manipulate the energies of the magic world first and foremost through the use of the Arcane. While her pursuits have not taken her down a road so broad as the study of raw magicks, miz' Emberfury demonstrates a vast potency for the simpler tropes of the wizarding world. Used as the foundation of all things, learning and understanding this school has become paramount to her ability to learning other schools, not unlike blocks with which a foundation is built.

School of Study: Illusion / Psionic
Years of Study: Ten
Spells Practiced: X
School Progression: Supplementary Spellcraft
Study Description: While many in court are privy to warm smiles and whispered half-truths, Persephone is keen to lead her flock to water through unconventional means. A versed illusionist, many who whisper the derelictions of trickery would not dare do so in the face of adversary. While the far corners of the political world speak hushed murmurs of one such trickster, no one would dare cast a second glance to the members of the late King Alavander Brightseeker's small council. Would they?

School of Study: Shadow
Years of Study: Ten
Spells Practiced: X
School Progression: Direct Supplementary Spellcraft
Study Description: The verses of Light and Dark are fickle by nature, oft pushing boundaries and toying in unison. One could follow them until they feel reprieve, others might find themselves swallowed whole by the black of the abyss. Persephone is of the latter category, having been overcome by the desire to know more about magicks long outlawed by the Human clergy, but not the Elven papal community. Meticulous and astute in her studies, the Elf has managed to grasp a firm understanding of the tendrils which lurk where ember is oft afraid to ignite. For many fear the dark, some might say that their deepest fears would make a most sacrilegious ally.

School of Study: Kinetic
Years of Study: Eight
Spells Practiced: X
School Progression: Direct Supplementary Spellcraft
Study Description: Whimsical are the stagnant laws of the Earth on which men walk; But only to a mage versed with Kinetics. While many are constricted to the fundamental rules of nature, a skilled Kinetomancer finds themselves aloof at the concept of such shackled impudence. One might even call it... uplifting.

Elemental Abilities

Spell Name: Elemental Blast

Spell Effort: Light Time/Effort
Spell Activity: Action, Casting
Spell Target: On Target within 50ft
Spell Requirements: Channeled Mana
Spell Description: There are threats that linger beyond the threshold of the mortal realm, that extends beyond the comprehension of mortal minds. These threats must be abated at all costs. Persephone may use her Elemental spells to strip away the necessary energies of a target. This does a small amount of damage to standard targets, but moderate amounts of damage those who derive elemental energies or otherwise as a source of power for themselves. This spell can be used to assail barriers erected using elemental, holy, or kinetic energies, but cannot outright disperse active arcana spells like illusions, or alterations. Though, through a combination of Frost and Fire otherwise known as Frostfire, Persephone is capable of quickly depleting her opponent's energy pool through sheer 'battering-ram' tactics if avidly defended against, assailing them with a consistent stream of combined elemental force. This personifies as either a fireball, or an ice lance. Either spell may be channeled as a cone at the cost of sustained effort.

Spell Name: Soothing Flame
Spell Effort: Light Time/Effort
Spell Activity: Action, Casting
Spell Target: On Target within 15ft
Spell Requirements: Channeled Mana
Spell Description: With the powers of ineffable Fire, many sorcerers aspire to misdeeds; Persephone does not. Capable of manifesting and wielding the element of purity that is fire, the elf is capable of being particularly versatile with its uses. One of which may be to facilitate the natural regeneration of mana through a flame warm enough to sooth the body, to bolster the morale but not to overheat it.

Spell Name: Smouldering/Frozen Abyss

Spell Effort: Moderate Time/Effort
Spell Activity: Action, Casting
Spell Target: Area; Radius within 20ft, 20x20x20 sphere.
Spell Requirements: Channeled Mana
Spell Description: Some evils walk boldly in the light of day, or the dark or night, arrogant in their sin; such devils must be dragged back to hell through any gate that may take them. Persephone affects a space with potent Ice, or Fire magicks, and as such; creates a volcanic or blizzard-like space where energies are torn from the targets in the area. These targets take consistent damage for as long as they remain there. A target who remains in the field for a duration of time will take bonus damage equivalent to a mana burn or a decrease in stamina as a result of finding themselves in such extreme climate. This effect lasts three minutes.

Spell Name: Wall of Elements
Spell Effort: Light Time / Effort
Spell Activity: Action, Casting
Spell Target: Area; Radius within 20ft, 20x20x2 wall
Spell Requirements: Channeled Mana
Spell Description: In times of need, seldom do sorcerers find themselves without a variety of tools at their disposal. Capable of calling to the elements of both Frost and Fire, Persephone is capable of creating a construct of pure ice, or a wall of scorching heat should the situation call for either. This ice is shot as a beam, and may be molded accordingly, and will not be limited to a line; The wall of fire however, is incapable of being shaped and thus will personify as a simple wall of flame before the caster.

Spell Name: Imbue
Spell Effort: Light Time, Moderate Effort
Spell Activity: Action, Casting
Spell Target: On Target within Touch
Spell Requirements: Channeled Mana
Spell Description: Where the hands and words of the faithful, virtuous of the world may fail; all will hope that their blades do not. Directing one's attention to a mundane weapon, Persephone may imbue such a weapon with the qualities of either ice or fire. This will result in the weapon inflicting either Chill or Flamestrike on a successful strike for up to five minutes. The effect will end after twenty successful strikes of whichever effect if used within the time-span.

Arcane Abilities

Spell Name: Revealing Light
Spell Effort: Light Time/Effort
Spell Activity: Action, Casting.
Spell Target: On Target within 15ft
Spell Requirements: Channeled Mana
Spell Description: Utilizing the glow of simple Arcane channeling, Persephone can cast a harmless blitz of light onto a target, and determine whether or not a certain form of energy is contained within them. This is a direct examination, and will turn up more than an ambient divination spell. This can also be used as a basic light spell, granting a small 1x1x1 foot bright light source for five minutes.

Spell Name: Invoke

Spell Effort: Light Time/Effort
Spell Activity: Action, Casting
Spell Target: Self, or On Target within Touch
Spell Requirements: Channeled Mana
Spell Description: Presenting the purity of the unmolested Arcane on the material plane, Persephone displays no small affirment with the energies that bind in the cosmic struggle. Charging either herself, or someone whom she can lay on hands, Persephone bestows a field of raw magick around the target. This will light their way, even in supernatural darkness, perhaps making illusions easier to notice, and yielding a small reduction in damage from magical sources. This effect lasts approximately twenty minutes. On the downside, the target inside of the barrier will be incapable of casting, as the bubble will temporarily sever their ties to the Arcane.

Psionic Abilities

Spell Name: Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Spell Effort: Light Time/ Heavy Effort
Spell Activity: Action, Casting.
Spell Target: Self, or On Target within Touch
Spell Requirements: Channeled Mana
Spell Description: Illusion has no relation to holy or unholy, but Persephone intends to display the potential of her planar knowledge. Gathering energies through a distorted image of the Arcane, she imbues a target that she can touch (or herself), a brief stint of invisibility so long as she or the object do not move. In order for this to function as intended, any being meant to be tricked must not know of the object, the caster or the recipient's location at the time of the casting. This does not fall privy to assumption, and the one calling the bluff must have incontestable substantiation for the spell not to function. Seeing is believing. You will not see a man disappear, but your gaze may never befall him to begin with.

Spell Name: Project Self

Spell Effort: Light Time/ Heavy Effort
Spell Activity: Action, Casting.
Spell Target: Area; Radius within 100ft
Spell Requirements: Channeled Mana
Spell Description: Capable of manifesting outside of the tangible plane with the help of the Arcane, Persephone is capable of creating a projection of herself within one hundred feet of her location, which allows her to 'scry' through the eyes of the conjuration. This may transcend objects, so long as the caster is certain of what lies beyond their field of vision. The caster may not speak through this illusion, but may listen.

Spell Name: Sense Motive
Spell Effort: Light Time/ Light Effort
Spell Activity: Passive
Spell Target: On Target within 10 ft.
Spell Requirements: Channeled Mana
Spell Description: Some say that Persephone is an excellent judge of character, others believe that she may simply be lucky. As she is often prone to deceiving foes and seeing through the guises of those dancing along in the masquerade, the Elf finds herself prone to reaching out in order to 'feel' the emotions of those with whom she interacts in order to judge their disposition or motivation in a conversation. (Requires a roll against player characters.)

Misc Abilities

Spell Name: Extensive Channeling
Spell Effort: Moderate Time, No Effort
Spell Activity: Action, Channeling
Spell Target: Self
Spell Requirements: Not Exhausted, Not Out-of-Mana
Spell Description: This action is the prerequisite for all of Persephone's spellcasting. Due to the delay in which she channels her spells, it is practically viable to consider her channeling a spell in and of itself. Drawing upon the powers within herself, preparing them for use, Persephone gains the status effect Channeled Mana. This makes her detectable by even basic use of Detect Magic, and requires a certain amount of time to prepare. Rushing or foregoing this action can come with harsh exhaustion. Once Persephone has Channeled Mana, she gains a certain amount of mana prepared for spells, which she can use with her reduced casting time until a certain amount of mana needs to be prepared again.

Spell Name: Sorceress' Channeling
Spell Effort: Moderate Time, Moderate Effort
Spell Activity: Activation
Spell Target: Self
Spell Requirements: Not Exhausted, Half of Maximum Channeled Mana
Spell Description: The Forgotten Gods will not wait, and they will send their worst nightmares and darkest temptations to destroy the realms of men. They must not succeed, and Persephone's studies have brought her far into the mysteries of magic, enough to invoke power to join the fight against them. When Persephone uses Sorceress' Channeling, she gains the status Sorceress of Eleria until she channels mana again, and she empowers her next spell to use ALL of her channeled mana, granting increased effects, duration, and range to her spells if extra mana is consumed.

Spell Name: Versed Crossing

Spell Effort: Moderate Time, Moderate Effort
Spell Activity: Passive
Spell Target: Self
Spell Requirements: Channeled Mana
Spell Description: Versed with each of her schools, Persephone is capable of imbuing spells with crossing variants of one-another. Dark Pyromancies, Frostfire, and Black Ice are all very volatile combinations. Handle with care.

Spell Name: Seraphic Grasp
Spell School: Shadow
Spell Effort: Heavy Time/Effort
Spell Activity: Action, Casting
Spell Target: On Target, within 20ft
Spell Requirements: Sorceress of Eleria must active through the Sorceress' Channeling spell.
Spell Description: In the darkest hours, the most desperate measures may be utilized; such is the grounds for Persephone's most absolute spell. Persephone designates a target that is either living, magical, or maintaining some form of planar energy within range. Persephone tethers herself to this target using a projection of pure dark energy, effectively bubbling the two of them in a pocket of manifested shadow. In this state, both will be unable to move under normal circumstances, during which Persephone will attempt to use a mana-burn and Eldrich shadows together to dissolve as much of her opponent's energy as possible. This spell consumes all Channeled Mana regardless of Sorceress' Channeling, and this spell inflicts a high amount of damage, and may disrupt beneficial spells placed upon the target or amplify destructive ones. Light spells are consumed by the ever-churning darkness of the cocoon, leaving both parties wrapped within temporarily unassailable from the outside.

Spell Name: Dark Tether
Spell School: Shadow
Spell Effort: Moderate Time/Effort
Spell Activity: Action, Casting
Spell Target: On Target, within 20ft or Touch
Spell Requirements: Channeled Mana
Spell Description: Wounds can act as both blessing or curse, depending on which party s on the receiving end. Not only is Persephone capable of sapping her opponent of their strength, but is also capable of restoring herself through the process. Moths idle to flame, as leeches do to the dark; As such, Persephone is capable of spawning a dark tendril, which acts as a parasite to form a bond with a host through the use of dark magic, allowing her to leech the life-force of an unfortunate soul in the interest of replenishing her own. This effect may be reversed. Alternatively, these tendrils may be used as conjured shackles.

Spell Name: Deliver Us From Evil
Spell Name: Kinetic / Elemental
Spell Effort: Short Time, Moderate Effort
Spell Activity: Action, Casting
Spell Target: On Target or Self within 20ft
Spell Requirements: Channeled Mana
Spell Description: Through the power of either Kinetic Force or the Elements, Persephone is capable of formulating a ward around herself, an ally or an object within twenty feet of her standing position in hopes of protecting them from those who would bring them to harm. The Kinetic version of this spell protects primarily against objects of force with tangible properties, such a sword a rock or a crossbow bolt, whilst the Elemental ward will protect the caster from the majority of the elements. Elemental shields may be broken by the caster and the fragments used as an offensive magical discharge.

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