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 Mankind: The Nation of Londar

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Mankind:  The Nation of Londar River_by_Tsabo6


Proven in its earliest days, Londar is a powerful force in the western continent, situated on a geographical strong point on the eastern shores. Born from the old nation of Londor, Londar inherits many of its intrinsic values and traits. The people inherit stubbornness, faithfulness, and confidence from its predecessors, coming from Londor and older Numidia. The national religion gives its due to the Edean god, Lon, the White Pitcher. Magic in Lon is uncommon, but not rare, and those in Londar are innately and culturally predisposed towards learning the secret arts of seeing, scrying, and soothsaying.

The nation of Londar is technologically able, and fosters much learning in its cities.

The Nation is an oligarchy, ruled by the Pouring Council. They are a chosen council by the Council of Aldermen, where the aldermen are the chiefs, mayors, city councils, state-nobles, and merchant-nobles of the realm. The Council of Aldermen select the best and most renowned of the populace to serve on the Pouring Council, which is always between seven and fourteen members. Political decisions can easily be checked and challenged if they are believed to infringe upon the rights of the people..

The people of Londor are distinctly disposed towards liberty and justice. Their god Lon is believed to deliver to his people that which they need. As a provider, he has given them life and good living. He expects them to live well, and prosper. Similarly, he is appalled by slavery, oppressive law, and unnatural control of another being with free will.

As such, the history of Londar itself is founded when the old kingdom of Londor itself failed to uphold these tenants. With an ailing lineage attempting to force its power over the people, a mighty uprising occurred. The powers that were had been thrown down, and the resulting resolution came to the reaffirming of Lon practices. Taking the best and most loved of their old kingdom, they set into stone a new one. They would choose their kings from amongst themselves, instead of being ruled by name.


In ancient times, the kingdom of Numidia sat on what is northern Londar. In these times, the rule was by an aristocratic elite. They bowed to no one, conquered each other and whatever else they could. Their god was Numidon, the Great Black Dragon. Men do not stand before dragons.

The people of Numidia would be exposed to a harsh, feudal system. Peasants would be harshly treated, and expected to fend for themselves and their betters. Those that could not were forced into slavery and treated worse than objects. Life would be hard, and these people would turn to gods and mysticism , the slaves and peasants finding faith in gods supplicant to Numidon. Lon, who was the provider of life and prosperity. There was Anzelas, who spoke the unfettered word and gave all things their senses. Then there was Borrodor, who was the one who pushed all things to the Earth without hesitation.

Tensions rose unto a breakpoint, at which the oppressed about the kingdom rose during a time of great difficulty. The mighty were cast down and forcibly removed, and the temples of Numidon thoroughly destroyed. In their places would come the three gods of their world and salvation. They would come together and form the nation of Londor

In Londor, things were better. Kings did rule fairly and serve on a Council of Crowns. They handled their duties well, and established fairness across the land. Though, in their time, they too would succumb to unfairness. They would strengthen themselves and rise high above the people that they had sought to protect and provide for. They took after the image of Borrodor, whom could instigate without remorse, and felt that since they could - it was their right to do so.

Swiftly acting, the noble bodies who opposed the Council of Crowns quickly rose up. Orders and peoples from throughout the kingdom engaged in bloody civil war. Eventually, the council laid down their crowns, and repented their actions. They would each be sentenced a terrible penance for their hubris, their spirits bound to the misfortune they had wrought. Each of the seventeen kings has a storied penance that is retold to this day.

From this came the nation of Londar, New Londor some call it, and it has remained stout unto the modern day; its people looking towards the future as they have for almost two thousand years.


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Mankind: The Nation of Londar
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