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 Dwarfkind: Zha-Hadundar

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Forming the sheer north of Eastern Lankhmer, the lands of Zha-Hadundar are made of rocky, windswept landscapes that starkly stand against the seas. Grasses and cypress trees break the stretches with small shelters, as do the Birthing Mountains in the west. This region is economically unimportant and difficult, though culturally invaluable to the dwarves whom dwell there.

The dwarves believe this region inherently sacred, due to its proximity to the Birthing Mountains, and its unchanging qualities. Without economic value or strategic placements, none come to siege, stay, conquer, or change it. The dwarves see these lands as their ancestors did, knowing so in songs as old as their race.

The dwarves of the lands live in small settlements, living off the land as best as they are able. Dwarves further from the Birthing Mountains make more use of modern technology available to the dwarves. Isolated by harsh landscape and little travel, technology in this region is regressed to the Iron Age at best. Closer to the Birthing Mountains, the dwarves are more spiritually inclined to living as their oldest ancestors did, regressing further. The most devout and hallowed of the dwarf societies live on the slopes of the Birthing Mountains, inhabiting crevices that they are said to have been born from, using no more than stone and copper tools to eek out their existence.

Conflict is minimal in the area. Herding, farming, and trading make up much of the land's minimal economy.


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Dwarfkind: Zha-Hadundar
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