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 [Supporting Character] Ava of Londar

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PostSubject: [Supporting Character] Ava of Londar   Mon May 18, 2015 6:57 pm

Name: Avashan Valaerian
   Gender: Female
   Nationality: Londarian
   Age: Unknown
   Birth Sign: Capricorn
   Alignment: Lawful Good
   Affiliation: The Londarian Order

Ava Valaerian*

"Justice comes on swift wings to those who dawdle in the dark."

   Height: 6'4''
   Weight: 289 Lbs
   Hair Color: Blonde
   Eye Color: Blue
   Build: Athletic Mesomorph
   Demeanor: Self-Assured, Stoic
   Education: Formally Educated
   Prior Occupations: N/A
Common/public knowledge pertaining to Ava;

i. Ava is one of the last Dimeri. Some say she's a veteran from the last war of the Gods.
ii. Ava is well-known for being one of the greatest paladins to have ever lived.
iii. Many associate Ava as a Knight-Crusader of the Order of White, a Londarian Paladin order.


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[Supporting Character] Ava of Londar
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