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 [Human] Bryant Kenndeth

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PostSubject: [Human] Bryant Kenndeth   Fri May 29, 2015 3:05 am

Bryant Kenndeth, 'The Arrow of Gaudeny'

-listen in 360p

"Some men are born as fighters, killers, and destroyers; men prepared to die for their families, their nation or their dreams. However, other men are born as artists or philosophers who create and forge the world that the prior are ultimately destined to destroy..."

Quote :
General Information

Name: * Bryant Alroy Kenndeth *

Gender: * Male *

Age: * 28 *

Race: * Human *

Nationality: * Gauden *

Education: * Homeschooled *

Alignment: * Lawful-Neutral *

Personality Traits:  * Resolute , Amiable , Hedonistic *

Occupation: * Ranger *

Quote :
Physical Appearance and Other Features

Height: 182cm.

Weight: 81kg.

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Light Brown

Appearance & Physique: Mesomorphic Build, Broad Shoulders, Tall, Self-Composed Posture, Pale Skin, Rough Stubble

Distinct Features: Small Scar on Lower Lip, Crisp Gauden Accent

Quote :

Quote :
Strengths & Skills

Quote :
Swordsmanship: During Bryant's exstensive history within the military and years as a ranger, he learned how to proficiently handle and maintain bladed weapons, including axes and daggers.

"Blades are not weapons alone, for it is the wielder and the blade together that makes the real weapon that strikes true."

Quote :
Archery: Preexisting his military career, Bryant displayed a unique affinity to the bow and arrow at an early age, thus being his primary weapon of choice during his childhood years within the woodsman hunters and militia. Upon entering the Gauden military, Bryant acquired the knowledge to use long bows and improved his marksmanship capabilities following his training regiment and beyond throughout his military service.

"The trick is to make the first shot count rather than to use the next three."

Quote :
Hunting: Growing up within the woodlands and foot hills of Gaudeny, Bryant honed his skills of hunting to put food on the table for his adoptive family. Determined to equal the skill and resolve of his family, Bryant spent his early years attuning his link to nature. After several years of training, Bryant was regarded as one of the best hunters in his settlement and was later commended for his abilities by his family and representatives of the county. In turn, his abilities in tracking and sensory adapted, rendering him into a competent woodsman and tracker.

"I've been hunting and fishing in these parts for years!"
Obvious Skyrim reference is obvious...

Quote :

Quote :
Absentminded: Bryant is somewhat forgetful when under pressure and will sometimes stumble in general performance is pressured excessively.

"Yeah, okay... Uh-huh... wait. What? Can yo- oh okay... by the ice - make up your mind already!"

Quote :
Solitary: Bryant is a very solitary individual and it may sometimes prove difficult to motivate him in normal, mundane, or otherwise repetitive tasks.

"I can, but can you remind me again why I should?"

Quote :

Audacious: Due to his bold nature, Bryant has been known to take excessively dangerous and bold moves, disregarding personal safety and welfare of himself or others depending on the situation.

"It's only a frozen fjord, it's not like an empty abyss of darkness; how bad could it be?"

Quote :
Alcoholic: From a young age, Bryant has been rather particular to drinking to excess, disregarding social decency. Though sometimes the occasion may be appropriate, his drinking habits have gotten him into trouble in the past, and it can certainly repeat itself if he doesn't exercise assertiveness and caution.


Quote :
Magic: Bryant does not have the willpower or mental aptitude for the arcane arts, thus, he is ultimately unable to perform magical spells or incantations.

"I've never been fond of or inclined towards the arcane arts, it bewilders me with its obscure mysticisms."

Quote :
Philanthropy: Bryant has been known to be lavishly generous to others.

"Oh, did you need a few gold pieces? Well, that was my dinner tonight, but okay."

Quote :
Coquettish Philogyny: Oh yeah, and he kinda sleeps around... oftenly so.

"Oh hey! What was your name again, by the way?"

"They don't just call me the arrow for nothing..."

Quote :

Quote :
Ranger's Garbs + Leather Cuirass

Quote :
Steel Broadsword

Quote :
Gauden Military Longbow + 32 Arrows

Quote :
5x Throwing Knives

Quote :
Backpack filled with basic necessities

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PostSubject: Re: [Human] Bryant Kenndeth   Tue Jun 02, 2015 8:07 am

We talked this over pretty good. Looking forward to seeing how the character does.


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[Human] Bryant Kenndeth
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