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 [Human] Duncan Salazhar

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PostSubject: [Human] Duncan Salazhar   [Human] Duncan Salazhar EmptySat May 30, 2015 11:14 pm

[Human] Duncan Salazhar Tumblr_static_duncan

Duncan Salazhar

"Primal Battle-mage Extraordinaire. Mentor to the Ross Twins, Friend to Tela and Taneli Afwulf, and Explorer Helper...Thing?"

[Human] Duncan Salazhar 47b42456dd35fe16876a290decd6ee7c

"You're a coward, Victor...Your father wants me to mentor you, and so I will. Pick up a sword...And for you, Elizabeth...Do the opposite. Pick up a book."

Quote :
General Information

Nicknames/Aliases: Duncan Salazhar 'Sal'

Age: ** 32 **

Languages: ** Common, Elvish, Dwarvish **

Gender: ** Male **

Race: ** Human **

** Mandorian Military, Under Lord Kale Broadsworth, Deranthos School of the Arcane Arts**

Alignment: ** Neutral-Good **

Persona: ** Serious-Most of the times **

Marital Status: ** Unmarried **

Quote :

Height: ** 6' '' **

Weight: ** 210 lbs **

Build: ** Muscular, Built **

Physique and Demeanor: ** Black Slick Hair, Muscular, Medium Build, Broad Shoulders, Blank/Neutral Demeanor.  **

Eye Colour: ** Grey **

Quote :
Skills & Traits:

Quote :
Swordsmanship: Duncan has served in the Mandorian Military since he was of age, always having a sword inhand and ready to cast in the other. He had never touched a sword until he was actually in the military, but over the years of Military Service, he has good posture and uses his sword well with his magic.

"Please don't make me draw my sword...That's much more effort..."

Quote :
Athletics: Duncan is in his prime, and in rather good shape for using both magic and swords within combat.

"Why do they always run? God damn! Don't make me throw my sword at you!"

Quote :
Magic: Duncan learned under  Kale Broadsworth, who was a Lord within the Mandorian Army, also being a Battlemage. He had taught him own unique primal magic which allows him to conjure objects, such as swords, and shields, drawing off his energy and staying as long as he can sustain them. Over the years of being a Battlemage, and Going To  Deranthos School of the Arcane Arts. He then served back as a Veteran Battle Mage before leaving again. So in general...He's pretty good at his shit.

"Wulf! I can't save your ass everytime! Watch behind you!" -To Wulf after conjuring a shield to block an attack.

Quote :

Quote :
Antisocial: Duncan hates people...Well certain people. He mostly sticks to his certain bunch of friends and doesn't like anyone really new.

Duncan starring at the guy for about a minute."Sorry, were you finished talking?"

Quote :
Short-Fused: Going along with being antisocial, Duncan has a small anger issue problem, not dealing with many peoples shit.

"I'd reckon your hide is worth about five shillings. Sit your ass down, before I make change."

Quote :
Wizards Aura: Anyone with magic power, can see and feel Duncan's power, not being good at hiding it at all.

Quote :
Hot-Blooded: He basically has to wear a lot of coats when he's in cold areas, he sucks at being cold and is always warm to the touch.

"It's not cold, why?"

Quote :
Ladies: Something about women...They sure can persuade Duncan to a point.

"Sorry what? I was too busy looking down and not at your face, can you repeat?"

Quote :

Duncan's Sword From Serving Within The Mandorian Military and His Own Battle Robe.

[Human] Duncan Salazhar 47b42456dd35fe16876a290decd6ee7c

An example of what Duncan can do with his magic. He can also conjure, swords, and shields and small objects around the same size at both. Anything above that drains his energy much faster.

[Human] Duncan Salazhar Talion_drawing_Azkar
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PostSubject: Re: [Human] Duncan Salazhar   [Human] Duncan Salazhar EmptyTue Jun 02, 2015 8:13 am

We talked this through pretty well, and Nazz helped you flesh out the character pretty great. I look forward to seeing him around.


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[Human] Duncan Salazhar
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